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Thread: How to re-register my magicJack account

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    How to re-register my magicJack account

    I have just ordered a new magic jack, to call my friends who are in different continents. I have heard it provides very cheap call through magic jack , but due to some reasons , I was not been able to register my magic jack account properly So now I have an e-mail id and password , but they are not corresponding with each other , how do I register it and get a new e-mail and password .and I also want to change my country and country code in my registration for my magic jack because I have now shifted to another country and I don ‘t have my area code listed in the magicjack ‘s area code .

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    re: How to re-register my magicJack account

    Magic is used for making free or cheap national or international calls, but you should always remember that it display’s advertisement to display the ad’s. Also, it s scan all your contacts to see who you are calling to so that it can display relevant advertisement s. There is no way through which you can contact magic jack company; the only way is either self help or its website where you can chat online with them. Rest: there is neither contact address, telephone number, nor a posting address where you can post them. I guess, there is no way through which you can re –register, for it again, but you Can indeed create a new account.

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    re: How to re-register my magicJack account

    I don‘t understand why are you worrying about the country code and the area code it work’s completely fine in any country, it’s clarity often depends on the internet speed and the service provider you are using .So don‘t worry even if your country code and area code is not mentioned on the list , you will still be able to make outgoing call , only the user who are calling you back with that number will incur huge bills lol..

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    re: How to re-register my magicJack account

    I agree with you, if the problem of making outbound call still persists then that was being caused by the firewall or the anti-virus program you are using. For solving this problem you need to add an exception to your firewall or the antivirus program you are using .for windows xp user, to add an exception to the firewall just click on start and the go to control panel, if you are in classical mode then click view tab click view hidden files and folders and then click apply.

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    re: How to re-register my magicJack account

    If you are still getting an error and not been able to make outbound call’s then please check if error is Error 3 or an Error 20 . If that’s the error than your anti-virus or fire wall is not allowing magicjack transfer information on internet. So if you are an Mc afee user than you can add magicjack to exception list by using the following steps, start Mc affee personnel firewall (plus) by clicking on start menu and then all programs and then Mcafee and then click on Mcafee personal firewall (plus) once opened then click on internet application tab in the left column and then scroll down to magic jack and select it and then in permissions column click on Allow Full Access . And for any other anti-virus just Google it, with the anti-virus name and how to add an exception.

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