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Thread: can't download anything

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    can't download anything

    Hi all, I have a problem myself. I already disabled smartscreenfilter, but I tried to download opera browser, and it was still marked unsafe. I was suspicious and tried another browser; i tried installing chrome and safari, both the the same result. When I download opera, it downloads fine until about 98%, then it stops. After a while, it "runs a security scan" and this pops up: opera_1111_en_setup.exe was reported as unsafe. I downloaded opera from their main website; it is legit. I tried downloading other things out of curiousity, and nothing seemed to work. I haven't been using a lot of bandwidth, so i am still within the limit.

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    Re: can't download anything

    First of all you have not mentioned on which browser you facing this problem? If am not wrong, i guess its Internet Explorer 8 or 9. If it is, than its the problem with many users. What i can suggest you is try to reinstall IE browser (download the setup on any another pc and transfer it to yours by Pendrive) and see if it works. If still not, than better start using Firefox or Opera. This is the reason why am not using IE from long years.

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    Re: can't download anything

    Thank you for the fast reply,

    Yes, I am using ie9; I have done what you suggested and it worked. Thank you

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