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Thread: India Internet adoption questions from outside of India

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    India Internet adoption questions from outside of India


    I am considering a bicycle trip throughout India. Because of some situations going on back home, I would need to be able to exchange email in the afternoon through my iPhone or other mobile device as well as get quick access to broadband connection such as WIFI or LAN in the afternoon and evenings Indian time. Having never been to India, I am wondering about the following questions:

    1) How far along is mobile Internet adoption? How widespread is it? In the Indian countryside, in most places is it possible to get 3G and/or Edge access using a prepaid SIM card for my iPhone?

    2) Are there Internet cafes with WIFI access in most smaller towns?

    3) Do many guest houses and inexpensive hotels offer WIFI access, especially in smaller towns?

    4) Is the Internet pretty stable and fast throughout India in general? Is 24 hour Internet expected like it is in many other countries these days?

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Re: India Internet adoption questions from outside of India

    1. Yes you will the 3g and Edge access allover India using the same Prepaid Card.
    2. In most smaller towns you will not get Internet Cafes or wireless access in residential areas.
    3. Yes, you will get WIFI access in Hotels (Few), even in smaller towns.
    4. Yes, you will get Stable and Fast internet access for entire 24 hours in many Indian Cities.

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    Re: India Internet adoption questions from outside of India

    It depends on the network coverage. If you can carry an wifi broadband modem with you. There are certain companies like TATA and Reliance which provides an nation wide support without any roaming charges. The issue with the same is that as the times goes the modems speeds is reduces as per the Fair Usage policies. You can opt for an 3G connection but the same is too costly and in that TATA docomo offers a really worth support.

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