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Thread: Opera 11 crashes, Youtube (flash) stopped working

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    Opera 11 crashes, Youtube (flash) stopped working

    Hi all, I have been using the Opera browser since very long time. I never had any problem when I was using opera 10 and the earlier versions. Recently I upgraded my browser to opera11 and it crashed. I don’t know what happened, last when I used it, I was just trying to load a youtube video. The video was loaded completely but when I started it to play, just after five seconds the video stopped and the opera browser just freezed. I have to end the process from the task manager. Again when I started the browser, same thing happened. Please someone help me to get rid of this problem.

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    Re: Opera 11 crashes, Youtube (flash) stopped working

    If the Opera 11 browser is not responding and you have to forcibly end the process then you uninstall the browser. Remove all the opera files from the system and make sure that none of its component exists in the system. After uninstalling, reboot the system and then reinstall it back. Try to clean up with ccleaner registry before installing the browser back to the system. Now you can continue with the opera 11. Don’t download or install adsfree or any ads kind of extension.

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    Re: Opera 11 crashes, Youtube (flash) stopped working

    Browser usually does not respond when the system is slow or too many processes are running together and making CPU usage 100%. It might not be the browser problem but the system problem due to which the program stops responding or freezes. If your system is having low RAM memory, then avoid running programs all at a time. If you are using opera 11 browser then avoid opening tabs all together. Open three to five tabs at once, and if you want to open more tabs then close the previous ones. This will keep the opera browser stable

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    Re: Opera 11 crashes, Youtube (flash) stopped working

    You tube video just stuck when you were trying to buffer it. There might be some problem with the flash player or plugin, due to which the player is unable to play the video. This type of error occurs when the flash window is scrolling. If the opera browser crashes then use the suitable utility like ccleaner to clean out all the temp files, cache memory and cookies.

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    Re: Opera 11 crashes, Youtube (flash) stopped working

    Here are list of some of the utilities which can help you to get your problem solved. You may use ccleaner, with which you can clear all the temp and caches. Other utilities are DiskMax, fsbl rootkit checker, Free Windows Registry Repair, Autoruns, Malwarebytes etc. Immunet Protect, Commodo Firewall are some of the software that are very stable while running with other software’s. If still the problem persist, then backup all the files from hard drive and perform system restore.

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