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Thread: Need some information on Yahoo Application State Plugin

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    Need some information on Yahoo Application State Plugin

    Hello friends. Greeting to all. I hope things are all fine at your ends. Well, I have a personal computer at my home and I also access the internet. Anyways, yesterday, I saw something which I have never heard off. When I watched my plugins info page, I saw an entry named as yahoo application state plugin. I had never seen such a thing before. I tried to google it but had no joy. Any information on the above will surely help in gaining my knowledge. Thank you

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    Re: Need some information on Yahoo Application State Plugin

    Hi dude. I take the opportunity to share my knowledge about yahoo application state pluggin. Well, basically yahoo application state pluggin lead to a crash when you are making use of yahoo mail, in case you have yahoo messenger installed on to your system. Thus, in order to make your yahoo mail work in an appropriate manner, you will always be required to turn off the Yahoo Application State Plugin

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    Re: Need some information on Yahoo Application State Plugin

    Hey the above post seems very short nad a nice reply. Well, I will take you forward on how to achieve what has been posted. In the location bar of the firefox browser, enter about:plugin and move on. In the installed plugins list which you see, find out Yahoo! Application State i.e., npystate.dll. Then close the firefox and open up C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\shared folder and again name the file to xnpystate.dll. Again start the browser and check your yahoo mail.

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    Re: Need some information on Yahoo Application State Plugin

    There are websites related to the corrupted file repairs which give provision to free yahoo state plugin repairs of the despoiled files and also recovery of the data. Also, pre service assessment of industry standard Yahoo Application State Plugin files. Also errors such as npystate.dll not found and npystate.dll missing are repaired. If requested, fast Yahoo Application State Plugin information improvement services are presented.

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    Re: Need some information on Yahoo Application State Plugin

    Hello mate. I would like to tell you that you can download Yahoo Application State Plugin software from the internet. Also, Yahoo Application State Plugin. Download32 is source for yahoo application state plugin sharewareThere are version of yahoo state application plug ins on Mozilla add ons block list. They should be mechanically disabled inside the firefox 3. I am hoping that my reply helps you and I am sure by now you have got the sufficient information about Yahoo Application State Plugin which you were looking for.

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