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Thread: Locked tabs are very small in opera 11

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    Locked tabs are very small in opera 11

    Hello guys. I hope you all are doing fine. Well there is a small issue which I am concerned. It would be great if someone can help me. Well, the thing is that I have some tabs which are locked in my standard set up. I was previously using opera 10, in that they looked fine, even though they were locked tabs. However, in the opera 11 version, they appear very small tabs. In order to distinguish them, I wish to get my preview back I the locked tabs. Is there any way to get that? Thanks for the replies. I am a windows 7 user.

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    Re: Locked tabs are very small in opera 11

    Dude, even I am not liking the new design of the locked tab in the opera 11 as compared to opera 10 which I used at one time. It indeed seems very small in appearance. I, myself is looking for some way out, so that I am able to stop the pinned tabs from reducing in size. Showing images and text on the right hand side is an option which I tried but then, loads of space is covered up on the tab bar by the tabs which aren’t pinned and thus conquering the reason of reducing the pinned tabs.

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    Re: Locked tabs are very small in opera 11

    Hi. There is work around which is required for the pinned tabs. Basically, you are required to copy the tab and then you will have to drag the duplication on to the original tab. By doing that, a stack is produced and thus you will then have to pin one of the tabs. However, there is level of improvement which is required in this as it is not a very optimized solution. But there is no other solution that I am aware off, so I follow this.

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    Re: Locked tabs are very small in opera 11

    Hi. After reading the above post, I tried some ways out to improve the situation ans came up with something. As I lock the tab, it is very small as we know. Then to form a stack as mentioned, I take the tab which is locked on the open tab. I, now perform locking on that tab as well. Thus, I have two tabs but they are large. Proceeding, I take my other tabs also at that place. Thus, having all the locked tabs in one place, I can shrink to one button in case space is needed.

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    Re: Locked tabs are very small in opera 11

    Hi. I have some knowledge about the query. I know something as omelian You can download it from the internet through opera skins. By doing that, you can make the locked tab to appear a bit different than normal. Also, the change log details are there on the specific website. When you click on the pinned tabs, it will open broadly. Thus there are some various characteristics associated with this. Giving a try is no harm. Than

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