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Thread: Memory leak in Firefox 3.6.11

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    Memory leak in Firefox 3.6.11

    Hello everyone, I was facing some problem with Firefox thatís the reason why I am writing my doubts over here. I know my problem is going to solve here. I have upgraded my Firefox yesterday, I am using Windows XP Home edition at my place. The upgrade which I have done is just a simple upgrade of Firefox; while I was browsing I added one tab, at that time when I check memory usage of doubled then expected. Memory means virtual memory. I have not updated windows or I am not using any additional Add-ons. I hardly use following add-ons
    • Ad block plus: better privacy,
    • Linkification- fire gestures, quick restart
    • Stop-or-reload button- quick restart
    • IMarcos- Gmail manager
    • IE tab plus Ė to use IE
    • Flashblock- download status bar

    So can anyone tell what can I do in this case? Please reply to this post.

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    Re: Memory leak in Firefox 3.6.11

    Hello, I have read your case, well looking at this I can say that update which you have made is very simple and perfect. In that case you should not face any problem regarding this. But as you have mentioned that you are facing memory leak issue, so I must say that, the add-on you are using which IE tab plus, this is the reason you are facing such error. Before someday I have read on the news column that IE tab plus is having Spyware within it. so as per my knowledge the problem is related to this only. You just do one thing remove that add-on from your system and then try and check that still you are facing that problem or not. All the Best!!!

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    Re: Memory leak in Firefox 3.6.11

    Hey thanks for your support man, I have disabled the IE Tab Plus add-on from my system. And I have also done some research on it and I have also come to know that IE Tab Plus is having too many spyware within it and infecting almost every Mozilla Firefox versions. I have also got that news that XP with SP2 is no longer getting security patches from Microsoft, because people are rapidly moving toward SP3 and Windows 7. So I think I must upgrade my system to SP3. this is my advice to all XP SP2 user that upgrade your system or else you will also suffer like me. All the best

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    Re: Memory leak in Firefox 3.6.11

    Yes friend you are right I am completely agreed with you. Even I am facing the same memory leakage problem. When I start browsing the Virtual memory is at around 100k, and when I add tabs to it then slowly it goes to 200+ k speeds. And then when I try to do mailing and all, the speed suddenly escalated to 800-900k at that time Firefox gets unstable and unusable after that browser automatically shuts down. According to me these kind of add-on must not be released on internet or someone have create one more add-on who can prompt us that which add-on is using more memory. Stop using IE tab plus add-one thanks a lot for writing on this forum.

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    Re: Memory leak in Firefox 3.6.11

    I have also upgraded to Firefox 3.6.11 and also I am using IE Tab plus add-on, but I wanted to tell you that I am not facing any single error regarding Memory leak. Guys seriously I do mail and use more than 10 tab at the time, but no issues. I have check from many different scenarios. It may be because I am using this version of Mozilla with Windows 7 or I am using updated add-on. So guys donít give up and keep on trying to use updated add-on with updated windows. And yes move towards new technology, use XP with SP3 and use Windows 7 itís a good technology. Thanks you.

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