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Thread: Gmail vs Opera 11 Alpha

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    Gmail vs Opera 11 Alpha

    Hello guys. Greetings to all. I have got a strange problem . Please help. Whenever I load gmail with opera, I can see only blank page. In user mode, it looks like gmail is loading something and tells to switch the basic html view. Then I am able to see everything and gmail tells to inform browser for improved gmail. If a recognize it with firefox, gmail continues to tell basic html view. As internet explorer, gmail specifies that active x control needs to be enabled. Can someone guide me whats happening and is it a browsing problem?

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    Re: Gmail vs Opera 11 Alpha

    Hi. Firstly, I would recommend you that why donít you downgrade to a previous build, doing that will surely give you some guidance. Also, there is one more try that you should give. I would recommend you that you should install opera 11 or opera 11.01. Doing that can solve the problem if luck is on your side. I know these were fairly easy and you will think it wonít resolve the worry but sometimes doing such basic things can surely help.

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    Re: Gmail vs Opera 11 Alpha

    Hi dude. I can surely guide you to the solution and take you out of trouble. Just follow properly, to whatever I say. You will first have to go to menu and then move to settings. Follow it up by preferences and then select advanced tab and then enter on cookies. Then you will have to remove all the cookies in a manual procedure and then again start your browser. Thus, gmail will then again be the way that you wished too. I am hoping that my solution helps you. Thanks.

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    Re: Gmail vs Opera 11 Alpha

    Hi. You should surf the internet and go to support forums of google. There you will able to find a specific code. Copy paste it. Then you will have to remove function.prototype.bind and then again name it as .js file and then set aside in the custom java folder. Then enter opera:config inside the address bar and look for user java script on hyper text transfer protocol. Performing all the steps in a proper way, yet again start opera and load gmail. You will see a caution of locale java script. Apply and move forward.

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    Re: Gmail vs Opera 11 Alpha

    Hi. I would like to bring to your notice that it is the alpha adaptation of opera. Itís been hardly seen that alpha edition of the software are released in public. In fact, even the beta version is kept among very less people. The 10.63 is the most authorized and tested translation and it generally gratifies majority of the people. Also, there are snapshots of the newest description on desktop team blog obtainable for those who like to check new features and want to prove their hand in test bugging.

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