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Thread: Internet Explorer 9 slow loading

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    Internet Explorer 9 slow loading

    I have been attempting to download the IE9 from the launch as I heard that it is extremely good and quick browser. I installed browser into my home computer that is having the Windows 7 installed in that. After that I found that it hangs for loading a few pages. I installed that on my other computer that is with the Windows vista and there it is running fine and loaded the web pages very fast. Can you guess that what is the problem with this and how can it be resolved?

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    re: Internet Explorer 9 slow loading

    You can try to do some primary things to it to resolve the problem and see if that helps you. All you have to do is to disable all the add-ons from your computer and other than this; you can also try by resetting the browsers settings to its default and then check for the issue. In addition to this, you can also try by deleting the cookies, history, etc from your computer. So these are the primary things that you need to try and see if that can resolve the problem that you are facing with the browser.

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    re: Internet Explorer 9 slow loading

    You can try by enabling the software rendering to verify that if the same issue occurs again or not. If you want to do that then you can follow the steps below.
    1. First of all, click on the Start.
    2. Now type Internet Option.
    3. Hit the enter button.
    4. Select the advance tab.
    5. Select “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”.
    6. Click on OK.

    After that, you can open the Internet explorer again and check it it loads the pages with better speed or not.

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    re: Internet Explorer 9 slow loading

    It might be possible that the installer you are using to install the Internet Explorer is corrupted and so it is not able to install the browser properly and as a result of that you are getting that issue. My suggestion to you is to search and download the installer from the Internet and then try to install that from the newly downloaded setup. Before installing the new one, you must ensure that you have uninstalled the one which was previously installed in your computer. I wish that this will solve the problem that you are facing.

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    re: Internet Explorer 9 slow loading

    Do you have some antivirus software installed in your computer? I am asking this to you because if that is the case then it might be possible that the antivirus is checking the pages which are getting downloaded and taking time to do and as a result of that your browser is taking much time to load the pages. If you want to check that then you can disable the antivirus temporarily and then install then try to load the pages again to see the change in the speed.

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