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Thread: Download stall when downloading on wifi

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    Download stall when downloading on wifi

    Well I am working on the windows 7 operating system and the thing here is that I am facing few problems while downloading anything through the wifi connection. I am having a dell vostro laptop and I am suing the same from last few months. Now the thing here is that earlier when I was having the wired connection on my system then I was easily able to download the stuff on the same. But when I started using the same on wifi then the download link was not giving any kind of response from the same link. So now please help me in this case and let me know what I can do to solve this issue.

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    Re: Download stall when downloading on wifi

    According to me the error that you are getting is I must say the problem that you are facing is due to the Wlan drivers I mean there are inappropriate drivers installed on the system and that is the reason why you are not able to download anything on your system. So now do just one thing try and install the appropriate driver on the system and then see whether you are able to get the proper response from it. I am sure that after installing the drivers you will not get any of the issues what so ever.

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    Re: Download stall when downloading on wifi

    I was also facing the similar kind of issue on my system and after troubleshooting a lot I find that there was nothing wrong with the connection in fact I have to make some settings change and that was the main issue there. So now what I want you to do here is that just open Device Manager and there you will find the network adapters option and later on just expand the same. And after expanding the network adapter you will not face any of the issue what so ever. I hope that doing the same will allow you to get rid of the problem.

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    Re: Download stall when downloading on wifi

    I think that there is the router issue associated with this one and you have to replace the same. I am sure that if the problem is regarding the router then the router is either damaged or it is not in taking the signals. Actually the only solution that is possible here is that you just need to replace the router and then use any alternate one see whether using that you are able to download or not. I hope this works for you and you will be able to get rid of the problem.

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    Re: Download stall when downloading on wifi

    I can reinstall the driver, but I think it has something to do with compatibility with the router. It seems to work well on public wifi. My brother had the same problem with Toshiba on his visit here. Router is old and is a 802G model is running with 64-bit WEP security. I up grade to WPA, but a new wireless printer I just bought weapons WEP. After reading all the problems people are having with A665 wifi, I'm hesitant to change anything. I can connect and get a great performance, except for downloads. Please help me in this case and let me know your suggestions.

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