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Thread: Internet Explorer 8 Bugs

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    unsure Internet Explorer 8 Bugs

    About one week ago my Internet Explorer "8" started bugging up,so after countless tried I decided to "System Restore".After that,my Internet works,but I can't click on any links,copy paste,and/or send pm's.Also most of the pages apear blank.I was wondering if the System Restore messed it up,or if I have a virus.(I can't recall downloading anything,though..)

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    Re: Internet Explorer 8 Bugs

    The bug is faced by most of the users and there is not a yet any update provided for the same. It is because of add on what I found and whenever you start you will need to disable them. For that go in the Tools of Internet Explorer 8 and then click on Internet Optoin and then click on Reset. Once done restart and check back. If still is the issue then better downgrade your web browser to Internet Explorer 7.

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