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Thread: A hub on a livebox

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    A hub on a livebox

    I have a livebox old enough; I have connected my PC and my PS3 Ethernet. I just got the TV orange decoder only plug I have to remove my console or my pc. Is it possible to put an Ethernet port Hub Red livebox for the PC and the console and let the yellow port for TV?. Now please help me in this one and let me know what to do here and how can I get rid of the problem which is being faced by me. I am expecting a better response from you people.

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    Re: A hub on a livebox

    I see no reason why you say that! I have owned all the livebox and asked me to do no issue. The livebox 2 works very well indeed, its interface and clear, simple and its features are numerous. You can s purchase for 60 $. I work for Orange but not a great brand that produces, among other modems and routers, and yet I still use my livebox . The livebox is neither more nor less than a modem router like the other box for that matter and it's not because it says orange over the need to denigrate the stuff Especially since in most cases the components are the same for all manufacturers.

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    Re: A hub on a livebox

    My livebox mini comes at a critical stage. I cannot even access the interface. The way to recover is to do a hardreset, which will erase all the setting and company. what bothers me a little knowing that it's been the fifteenth time I am in a year for various problems the latest being the inability of the box to provide the TV stream to the decoder. I already wanted to exchange them well exposing the problems. Basically the guys in the technical department told me it was not possible because it had no real impact on the quality of service.

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    Re: A hub on a livebox

    If you have the satellite decoder you can even connect any port on the same either. Cons by now there are exchanges of old livebox to verify. You cannot trade it like this. We need the livebox is on the verge of death so that it works and it's the same thing for the TV decoder. But in this case, it is not possible to bring a flower as the agency, make the stop and ask LB rental then come back the next day and repeat such a lease.

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