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Thread: Unable to open websites on the internet explorer 9

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    Unable to open websites on the internet explorer 9

    I cannot open any website. I am using Internet Explorer. My net is fine. But sometime there is no web page. All I get is page not found error. This is not happening constantly. I had checked the connection through wifi on my mobile and there it works really well. But when I try to do the same on IE but it is not working. Can anyone help me to fix this problem. I had tried various things but nothing is working.

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    Are you sure that your net is working fine. There can be issue with your internet settings. I will recommend you check the lan cable. The cable through which you connect your pc to modem. Just check that whether that is proper or not. You can buy a spare one from the market. It is quiet cheaper. Sometime this kind of cable cause the problem. Just replace that and check again.

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    There are two things you have to see. First you will need to see that that the modem is working fine or not. The second you have to check your lan adapter. Try to connect the same internet connection to any other pc and see. If the internet is working fine then it means your lan adapter is having issue. Try to reset the IP address first, and if that does not work then you can simply re-install the network adapter. I think that will be enough to fix the issue.

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