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Thread: Firefox 4 and Non Intrusive Password manager

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    Firefox 4 and Non Intrusive Password manager

    I have just upgraded the version of my default browser on Mozilla Firefox 4. Since I have installed this versions, I have observed that the it uses the non-intrusive way of asking me, whether it must remember my password or not. Instead of this, Firefox 3 was better as it was using only single line like pop up for asking the same which does not covers other whole content on the webpage that we open. I have got frustrated by this bubble due to which I want to get back to the Firefox 3, How can I do that?

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    Re: Firefox 4 and Non Intrusive Password manager

    I guess there are huge number of people having different kind of issues with the 4th version of Mozilla Firefox which seems to be bit like trouble for Mozilla. Most of the user have issues with the user interface of the new browser. I guess you guys need to accept the changes that has been done in the FF 4 as it is not going to be changes until there is any bug found. And it is best to reinstall the Firefox 3 for those who does not likes new interface.

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    Re: Firefox 4 and Non Intrusive Password manager

    Whenever you have upgraded the version of any software on your machine then it is not possible to downgrade again. Other then this, It is better to uninstall the Mozilla Firefox 4 and then start installing the Firefox 3 from its exe file. I hope that you have a Mozilla Firefox 3 exe file on your hard drive by using which you can start installation. Suppose you don't have exe file for FF3 then you can get it anytime from its official website.

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    Re: Firefox 4 and Non Intrusive Password manager

    Yes, You should never waste your time to downgrade any software on your computer machine as it is not going to happen anytime. And installing the from the exe file of whatever version is always best and it is not necessary to get it from the official website as older versions will be available on most of the reputed websites. I suggest you to directly download the new one and then install it on your computer machine.

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