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Thread: Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

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    Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

    The accurate situation of the trouble appears to be depending on the website, opens and perhaps the operating system. Windows 7 is a default setup of Firefox without add-ons and are trying to load my home page, which is just a collection of URLs. I have set it, and it is exactingly classical HTML, nothing like Java or anything else. No, I get the site "(no title)" when attempting to load the home page, and then the same behavior when trying to load anything else.

    In Vista, my homepage is set to the page of my ISP and I'm using it with the larger homepage. However, it appears similar to the way a page looks when Java is only partially enabled larger. Not the way this particular page you see when Java is not enabled, so not the problem. The real error log is below this page. Here in part can carry a lot of pages, generating different errors depending on the page that attempts to load.

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    Re: Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

    Same issue has came across me instantly after installation of AVG Internet Security. I've yet restored to a date prior to the installation of AVG Internet Security, Firefox and uninstall AVG, and I'm doing all the updates from Firefox and still have this problem. Each web page navigation is done and will hang within minutes, no matter what site you visited or the simplicity of the website I'm trying to load. Web traffic apparently hangs, even when the direction of Firefox to look for an update .. I had to use my second PC to post here just to write this. Windows 7 Ultimate is installed on the PC in question. No proxy .. system is completely up to date and is a registered facility of Windows 7 Ultimate. Please guidance needed to solve it.

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    Re: Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

    To check whether you use the firewall of Norton Internet Security:
    1. Open the Windows Control Panel. (Windows 7 and Vista) Click the Windows icon bottom left of the screen and select Control Panel.
    2. Open the Control Panel, Windows Security Center. (Windows 7) Click the heading system security status and security on this computer check on. (Windows Vista) Click the title of this computer security security status check under.
    3. Open the firewall. Search for the text: Norton Internet Security reports that it is time to activate.
    4. If it appears, use the firewall of Norton Internet Security.

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    Re: Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

    I have noticed the same problem as soon as I installed the latest Norton 2011. The most recent version of Norton Internet Security robotically identifies Firefox and lets it access to the Internet. Older versions of Firefox may block for an update but unnoticed. To make sure that Firefox can use an Internet, you must remove the Firefox entry from Norton Internet Security and allow it to identify Firefox.

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    Re: Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

    Have the weekend with just that or a similar topic on fighting - AVG did not re-install because of error messages from the system. Just got my system cleaned with the cleaning program to include a place. Here I have the folder "registry" error discovered in the registry integrity - including AVG - and can clean up and remove them. avgrsx.exe the process is probably the the spackt. This is the Resident Shield. These are 2 options:

    1) Disable it (which I would not recommend)
    2) 'manage exceptions' to create paths that should not be monitored ...

    which reduces the CPU load tremendously ... wherein the Systemroot, download Hard Drive or partition on which p2p programs are installed _NOT_, should be included in the exception list.

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    Re: Firefox 4 stopped working on windows 7 & Vista

    A firewall can protect you meaningless when online banking is not well if you can ignore other safety rules, see the post by cosine. Is your computer up-to-patch level? You are surfing as Admin? I hope not! Java script active? Here again, I hope not, only when necessary. That you use FF instead of IE is not bad. If you will miss it, for example, and FF up to date, can be installed through a browser vulnerability malicious code that is therefore not only the OS to keep up to date, but all security-related applications, such as the browser , Java etc. With online banking, the banking side, only the bookmarks from Firefox surf, do not follow links that are offered, for example, through a fake mail, but as you know sure. The hardware firewall in the router is your first real "bulwark" against attacks from the I-net. Unsolicited packets are discarded. The PFW cannot, it can be subverted by a malicious readily from the problems that can cause them to say nothing. In order to have control over what will all "outside", I advise you, mister car from the start, install only trusted programs from a reliable source, then you have done so much for your safety.

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