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Thread: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

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    Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    I have recently bought a new laptop on which I am using Windows XP operating system, I know that the people uses latest one win7 but I just love the simplicity of clearness of windows xp. Anyway, So there an older Firefox browser installed on this machine that I tried to upgrade to the latest one. Now it is running Firefox 4 mostly okay with all the buttons but there seems to be something wrong just with search bar. Whenever I click on the magnifying glass then nothing happens. I used to love this feature.

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    Until I've found this solution. Firefox 4 is quit okay.
    1. In the user folder will probably C: \ Users \ Hans \
    2. Now make all hidden files visible in the times to be a "Alt" button. Well come to expect from XP Explorer Bar appears at the top. As with XP Tools -> Folder Options, the tab "View" and activate "Show hidden files, folders and drives" option.
    3. Now in the folder C: \ Users \ Joe \ AppData \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ "something" default.
    4. Delete the file Formhistory.sqlite or you may rename it. (Attention all stored passwords and form data will be lost)
    5. Restart Firefox again.

    The move, rename, or delete the file formhistory.sqlite solves the problem and the Firefox search bar can be used again.

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    The problem is resolved. Here is the solution, if anyone should have the problem. After I found that the google.scr file is missing, I put out the radical left out of the google search plugins folder. Next, I clicked on the icon in the search bar from the pull-down menu, I chose to add search engines...On the now open page I clicked the Add New Search Engines to Find lots of other search engines...Whereupon another page opened, there was the choice as google. Now I needed with the next page of 4 General, only the search engine of my choice, choose Google India or whichever country you want to choose. The question in the pop-up window will be confirmed with Yes and you had google back. Of course, that everything was running as an admin.

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    It reacts the search bar (top right) no more. Meaning, if I type a keyword and press ENTER will open a new tab for commonly, (Google, etc.) with the search request. No longer.


    The following file must be in the profile folder will be deleted or renamed:
    • "Formhistory.dat" and possibly "formhistory.sqlite"

    • For example: X: \ PortableApps \ FirefoxPortable \ Data \ profile \ formhistory.dat

    Then again, everything should be running normally. Not to thank you at all

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    • If you mean the Address Bar search:

      Enter in Firefox about: config and press Enter. Filter in about: config by keyword. You should see the property keyword.URL. Is it bold, click with the right mouse button and then click on 'Reset'.

    • And if you mean the search bar located on the right:

      I think then the Google search bar file failed. Click on the search bar on the down arrow and select "Manage Search Engines'. Google's first pick and click Remove.

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    The Mozilla Corporation has made a first release candidate (26.6 MB, multilingual) of Firefox 4.0, online. Release Candidate represents the final phase of development for software projects. The final Firefox 4.0 is expected in late March or early April. Compared with the previous beta version had a range of stability, performance and compatibility improvements and bug fixes have been made, Mozilla. Maybe you do not do anything wrong, but the Browser.

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    The idea to use a feature (rather hidden) Firefox: by right click on a search box, you can choose "Add a keyword for this search. Behind this phrase is not very explicit hides a powerful shortcut. The bookmarks window will appear. Choose a name for this bookmark, and especially a keyword. For example, my blog, I right click on the search field, I put the name "bbxdesign" then as the keyword "BBX." Now, I type in the address bar (not the search bar): "BBX mario" And it makes a search for "mario" on! I find this feature really great because it allows to shortcut any search area while having the ability to customize the shortcut (keyword) matching.

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    Re: Search bar of Firefox 4 does not work

    1. I suggest you uninstall firefox and do a clean reinstallation.
    2. Before you uninstall, you can recover your bookmarks, open Firefox bookmarks, organize bookmarks, import and backup, export to HTML ..., save it on your desktop.
    3. Go into the Control Panel, add, delete or Programs and Features, uninstalled firefox and while uninstalling, agrees to uninstall everything, check: Delete all my files.
    4. After uninstalling, restart the PC, then goes in: C \ program files or programs and remove Mozilla Firefox.
    5. Then start -> CCleaner (as administrator for vista and windows 7) for cleaning windows, applications and register.
    6. Install -> Firefox , then to recover your bookmarks, open Firefox bookmarks, organize bookmarks, import and backup, import HTML .... along, looking in: office, selects bookmarkbackups. html.

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