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Thread: Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

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    Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

    There is very serious problem that I am facing with the google chrome web browser, which is running in my windows 7 system, it frequently flashes a application error message whenever I tried to open the browser, the error message looks like 0xc00000a5, after encounter this problem first time, it also flashed another error message that the flash player is crashed you and the browser turn off automatically. I can’t understand why this is happening, though I install the Google chrome latest version recently in my system. Any suggestion roe m to resolve this issue?

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    Re: Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

    I think this is occurring of the other web browser whether this is removed or loaded recently. So for this I would like to recommend you to run the disc cleanup process. It will remove the browser related files or other internet related files from your hard drive, in some of the problems I found that these types of issues are might be occurred for the stored browser related or internet files. Though by this process it will also remove the other removed browser or application stored files from your system. Try with this. I hope it will be help you.

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    Re: Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

    According to I would like to recommend you to reload the browser, I hope for any plug in or for any other browser’s missing file this problem is occurring, in that case there is only one solution to overcome from this problem. remove the existing one along with also remove the browser related file from you system and the other .dll files of the plug-ins or add-ons those were applied into the browser, and then proceed for the fresh installation. Go through this, it will surely help you.

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    Re: Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

    I would like to recommend you to use the opera browser in your system, this is one of the secured browser as termed, and also a best alternative with google chrome, I am using this browser from a long time, the latest version of this browser is compatible with the advanced features. Some of the functions of this browser are like,

    • Quick Find: type the query directly into the address bar;
    • New browser engine: the world's fastest browser with support for the Web of the future;
    • Mouse via Web: with Opera you can navigate the Web with your mouse. A mouse gesture is performed by clicking and holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse.
    • Trash: reopen recently closed tabs;
    • Opera Link: Allows you to synchronize data of your favorite on-line, or between different computers and devices;
    • Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by clicking on the icon;
    • Opera Mail: Opera browser offers an email client designed to optimize your email directly into the browser;

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    Re: Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

    As per my opinion if by reload the browser you are not able to overcome from the problem then I recommend you to go for the AOL’s Netscape Navigator web browser. it is designed with the technology of JAVA. This browser is allows you to create more than one profile to keeping the browser histories and the other internet files in different directories. I recommend you to go for this browser.

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    Re: Application error message "0xc00000a5" in Google Chrome

    Avant Browser displays multiple open web pages in one window. This so-called tabbed document interface, the user keeps track of the rapidly overloaded Windows taskbar. In addition, the Navigator is equipped with many additional features that users expect from a modern browser: How to suppress unwanted Avant Browser pop-up window and offers an integrated, based on Google search. the browser navigates fast, stable, and in several windows simultaneously through the Internet. On top of that provides the graphical interface of the free software alternative to Microsoft product. It is an alternative to the usual Google Chrome , Firefox and Opera . Despite its low prevalence relegated to the category of minor browser is not devoid of options typical of the more popular browsers. This is built on top of Internet Explorer and chrome, it provides a system for online storage of your profile, the gesture of the mouse, an RSS reader and more. But probably what impressed us most is the rapidly changing security settings.

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