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Thread: Adding Epson Wireless Printer

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    Adding Epson Wireless Printer

    I bought a wireless printer today and having problems setting it up.

    We have orange as our broadband provider and we are finding issues setting it up due to the MAC address not being allowed.

    I've tried to find out how to access the router to turn off MAC filtering to allow me to connect the printer but I'm not having any luck.

    Can anyone help??


    I managed to get the laptop with VISTA setup to print wireless by using the livebox as the connection to the printer however I don't know how to do this with an apple MAC

    If anyone can give details on how to allow the MAC address or how to connect the applemac through the live box it would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Adding Epson Wireless Printer

    Start by opening System Preferences, then click on Sharing a small (on the Internet and network). In the Service tab, you check Windows Sharing (if your network has a Windows PC) and Printer Sharing. Or else you can try Hello a free tool for that. Hello is a free program for Windows developed by Apple to greatly simplify the installation of a shared printer. Now that the printer connected to the MacBook Pro is configured to be shared, the software will detect Hello and configure the PC running other operating system.

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    Re: Adding Epson Wireless Printer

    thank you for your reply,

    I can't find system preferences or windows sharing??

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    Re: Adding Epson Wireless Printer

    Everyone like to adding epson printer because of good quality.

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