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Thread: How do I go back to IE7, I have IE8

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    How do I go back to IE7, I have IE8

    Hello friend I have problem regarding my internet explorer. Earlier I was using IE7 without realizing it, I downloaded IE 8. Now I want to back to my IE7. While using IE8 I have found that many of downloads only support 7.So I decided to use IE7 once again problem is that If I go back to IE7, I will lose my bookmarks, favorites, etc? So is there any way to get the solution and how to uninstall the IE8 and installation process of IE7. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How do I go back to IE7, I have IE8

    Hello friend I want to tell you that Internet Explorer 7 is less secure than Internet Explorer 8 so it would be unwise to reverse or switching back to IE7.I donít know what personally you donít like about the Internet Explorer 8.If you are getting any issueh it, maybe someone here can help. If there is no way you can meet IE8, IE9 is in the most recent before the final release. This new released is even very secure compare to Internet Explorer 8 and it is very good in many other ways (You can give that one a try. and there are always other browsers such as Firefox or Chrome

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    Re: How do I go back to IE7, I have IE8

    Follow this step to export the Favorites folder In Internet Explorer, First click on Favorites from internet explorer, and then click on Import and Export option. Then choose Export to a file option, and then click Next button. Then select the Favorites from the check box shown, and then Next button. Then select the folder that you want to export to internet explorer 7. For all Favorites, select the folder at top level. else, you can choose the individual folder then click button. It will create a file of html type and save it to the desire location then click on next button then press export and then finish button.

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    Re: How do I go back to IE7, I have IE8

    Hello friend, I have similar kind of the problem I am recently using Internet Explorer 8, but I want switchback to Internet Explorer 7. Problem is that Whenever, I download IE7, A message appears saying that another versions of IE has been detected in my machine, and does not allow to download. I am little bit afraid that if I uninstall IE8 first, then will not have access to the web site to. Also I will lose my Bookmark and favorites.

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    Re: How do I go back to IE7, I have IE8

    I would like to thank to all the people who helped to solve this problem. I was not aware of import and export method available in Internet explorer to take back up of our favorites. Now I am able to take the backup of my all the important website. Now I can uninstall the IE8 and I will install IE7. So Thanks you very much once again.

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