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Thread: Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

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    Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

    If someone asks me which is the best browser then my answer will be Mozilla Firefox but that was the case before I came up with this problem. I was using a regular browser and then I have a box saying that there is a new version of Mozilla Firefox is available. I just clicked on that pop-up and became entangled with the issue. I was using the Mozilla Firefox 3.4 and now I have the browser version to 3.6.2. I am not happy with the browser’s functioning and would like to dispose of the matter. I am not able to access internet with that. Can you tell me that how I get my browser to the normal level it was working? At first, sites were displaying without any problem but now until and unless the press click the Refresh button the page will not load.

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    Re: Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

    Well let me tell you the browser version you have is the newest and therefore I think it could be faulty and I suggest you to do a roll back to the previous version had, and I think will be best way to tackle the situation at hand. Uninstall the browser control panel and restart the system and then go back to install the stable version you are having with you at this time. Do it and let me know if that really helped him get the normal browser functionality.

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    Re: Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

    I think your browser has reached some kind of virus and therefore it is showing you the issue. I suggest you to use safe mode to Mozilla Firefox. At some point they may get caught in these issues and therefore would like you to make this move here. You can do this by clicking on the Start menu and click All Programs, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode). If you cannot find then you can have safe mode, type the following command in the Run window: firefox.exe-safe-mode after writing this, click the OK button. We hope that this time will be able to see that the problem is solved.

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    Re: Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

    I think you have to deal with cookies and clear the browser cache and I'm sure that by doing this you will have the problems resolved. Besides that I would make a greater movement. Just follow these steps and see if that can help a bit:
    1. First you must take care that no other browser is open, if open, please close all other browsers
    2. Then in Mozilla Firefox Click on the menu and you click on the Tools
    3. After you have to enter the options
    4. After that, simply click on Privacy
    5. In the Cache section will be required to clear the cache
    6. Finally, click the OK button and try to open the page you're trying.

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    Re: Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

    I suggest you download the stable version of Firefox and then install it. I think that will help rather than leaving the issue being discussed here. Usually prefer clean install of things but in the case of the browsers I think that goes with the download fresh new installation will also be included. Only do this and I am sure that all issues relating to Firefox will automatically complete this re-install the browser. Notify me if you have any other question.

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    Re: Cannot access internet with Mozilla Firefox

    If you ask my opinion, it should now try another browser. I think the Opera Mini is what I suggest here. I think it is very stable as Mozilla Firefox. I've seen most of the time the Mozilla Firefox has become the topics and I think for you it's time to switch to another browser and I think the perfect match to the needs of Opera Mini to be served in their case .

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