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Thread: Virus not detected by scan

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    Virus not detected by scan

    Hi friends, I have Acer 5740 Core i3 laptop . I have installed McAfee Antivirus Plus 2010 in my laptop. Due to infected pen drive my laptop has got infected . I ran antivirus and done full scanning of laptop but it could not detect viruses which it had. I tried few solution to fix this but nothing really helped me.I guess this as triplexfeed. If you are using Google for searching something and you click ,it gets redirected to some other site. Antivirus was not able to find virus during scan, please somebody help me in this problem? I am looking forward to yours reply.

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    Re: Virus not detected by scan

    I will help you to fix your problem. First you tell me few things about your system. Last time when you done scanning of your system, whether that time was it connected to internet. One more thing if you are guessing that some of your exe files or file is causing this error,then zip those file and protect with password now send these file with password-infected File now look for these file over internet . If you could find something how to heel such viruses. If no option is left with you then format your system. This will definitely fix your problem.

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    Re: Virus not detected by scan

    Actually no antivirus application is 100% curable. every antivirus can not detect all kind of viruses. you need to keep updating your anti-virus at regular interval of time. I will suggest you to keep extra anti-spyware in your system. This will protect your system from virus infections. I will advice you to download free version of anti-spyware . once you have downloaded run it. It will scan your system and remove all viruses from your system. If this also fails then try to format your laptop. Try with anti-spyware software this will remove all kind of viruses.

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    Re: Virus not detected by scan

    I also had the same issue. Whenever I do complete scanning of my computer system. It was not able to detect all malwares from my system. I had RNC sys32.exe running at startup this tells that my system is virus infected. I was trying to scan so many times but it was not able to detect. Then I updated my antivirus even after that also it could not detect malware. At the end I uninstall my anti-virus and then again installed it. Now when I did scanning it was able to detect and delete all kinds of malware. You also try out this solution. It may work for you.

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