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Thread: Google search virus, canít connect to internet

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    Google search virus, canít connect to internet

    I have a Gateway W323-UI1 Notebook. I am having a bit issue with internet connectivity here. I was facing a bit virus issue from last few week. I am scanning my pc through AVIRA and it looks effectively stopping the virus also. But I am having problem with internet. Whenever I try to connect I am facing a page not found message. This thing keeps on appearing. I had tried so many things to fix the problem but nothing works. What should I do to clean my pc.

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    Re: Google search virus, canít connect to internet

    Try to check your lan adapter first. I do not think the internet problem is due to virus. You can do one thing. Boot your pc in safe mode and scan it properly. Once done then try to open any website. You can use different web browsers here. If still it is not working then contact your ISP for that. I think the problem is with your internet connection.

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    Re: Google search virus, canít connect to internet

    Launch cmd. In that type ping -t and hit enter. If you are getting constant response then it means the internet is fine. But if the connection is dropping in between then it means your connectivity has some issue. You can try flushing the DNS. For that you have to type icponfig /flushdns and hit enter. This will reset the ip settings. If this also does not work then you have to reset your router.

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    Re: Google search virus, canít connect to internet

    Redirection virus will only redirect you on different website. It will not cause problem with the connectivity. You can try re-installing the lan driver. For that go in Device Manager and right click on the network adapter. It is necessary that you must keep the driver ready for that. Then reboot your pc. Windows will detect the new hardware and it will try to install it. You can provide the drivers for the same.

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    I am using Hijackthis to locate all background processes. This tool helps to find all working application which are not visible in Task Manager properly. If you find Hijackthis a bit complicated then you can try using system restore. Just restore your pc to an old date and see whether you are able to use your pc properly or not. This it the easiest way to resolve the problem. Later on you can use quiet a few good antivirus programs for better scanning.

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