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Thread: How to connect internet through Blackberry torch in my laptop

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    How to connect internet through Blackberry torch in my laptop

    I am using Blackberry torch phone is very nice phone to use. I am also having the laptop that is having Verizon's 3G network. But they are charging $ 30 a month and do not want to pay that and that is why I have to use my BlackBerry phone as a modem for my laptop but the problem is that I do not know how to do that. Can you please tell me exactly how to do that? I have no idea about this. One of my friends told me that it is possible but I was not sure about that. So I'm leaving the thread here so I can get your response. Thanks.

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    Re: How to connect internet through Blackberry torch in my laptop

    Hey you do not have to worry about the same. First, you must confirm that the BlackBerry is connected via USB cable, and the BlackBerry Handheld Manager is running. You just open BlackBerry Desktop to run it. It goes without saying to use BlackBerry as an external modem. Unable to use the BlackBerry as a modem. Note that a Bluetooth modem connection of devices to take fresh Curve devices the BlackBerry Manager, do not understand that run on the fund intended for connection to the function. You only need to link your laptop.

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    Re: How to connect internet through Blackberry torch in my laptop

    If you installed a desktop edition for the BlackBerry, which came for Blackberry torch, which should include modem drivers in addition to being previously installed mechanically. On occasion you need yourself to install the modem drivers should be placed in the given directory: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ Modem Drivers: C. However, if you are having problems using these drivers then uninstall, delete all leftover RIM files and after installing the latest edition of BlackBerry Desktop once again.

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    Re: How to connect internet through Blackberry torch in my laptop

    If you are using Windows XP then just follow it to add the new internet connection. Close all windows that open and then create a new connection, click Start -> Connect To -> Show all connections -> Create a new connection. This will open a new connection wizard in front of you. Here you must click the Next button. Now choose "Internet Connect" and after the new. Choose "Set up my connection manually" then after that choose "Connect making use of a dial-up modem" followed by Next. And finally, click the Finish button to exit the wizard. I wish this will help.

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    Re: How to connect internet through Blackberry torch in my laptop

    There is one more significant thing that you require to think about.
    authenticate that TCP/IP Properties (Advanced tab) "make use of IP Header Compression" checkbox is unimpeded. To validate this, perform these steps:
    1. First you have to go to start Menu > Network Connections->"BlackBerry Modem".
    2. After the same you have to tick on to the Properties Button.
    3. Choose the Networking Tab.
    4. Select the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)".
    5. Tick on the Properties Button.
    6. Tick on the Advanced Button.
    7. Uncheck the "Use IP header compression" checkbox.
    8. tick on OK to shut all dialogs

    Also verify that you clear every of these checkboxes, if you observe some of these checked:

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