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Thread: I cannot see the progress bar in the Status Bar

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    I cannot see the progress bar in the Status Bar

    There are a lots of issues faced this days , it has just released and I have seen a lot of complaints regarding it , and of which the beta version of internet explorer 9 has come up with more issues than any , any ways , I do not mind at all stating my issue , I have internet explorer newly installed as well , but my issue is that there is no progress bar visible to me all, I am very annoyed with it , so much that I am being forced to use the browser of some other brand

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    Re: I cannot see the progress bar in the Status Bar

    For Internet Explorer 9, as with the command and favorites bars, the status bar is off by default. To enable the bar you can go to View and then after at the Toolbars after that on Status Bar. To bring up the menu bar, tap the Alt button. You can also allow the Status Bar by right clicking on the Home button.Once you have enabled it Zoom will be available automatically. You can also make use of the zoom functionality by clicking on the tools button and using the zoom alternatives there. Zoom is also obtainable using CTRL + Mouse Scroll, or CTRL + + or .

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    Re: I cannot see the progress bar in the Status Bar

    The IE9 team built the User Interface from the ground up, initiating with nothing and only adding what was required (rather than starting with IE8 and removing features). since the progress bar is very prone to mistakes, every so often remaining at fewer than 100% for an indefinite period in spite of whether the site was done loading. You'll observe that no further browser on the market has a status bar either.

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    Re: I cannot see the progress bar in the Status Bar

    Unluckily, for those of us with sluggish DSL, we have nothing but a stationary screen, no hourglass, and even without a progress bar, to inform us if any traffic is moving. Might not be a problem if you can obtain 100 Mb access, but when you have, at top 256 k, it is a serious difficulty. I think there is only one possible way , what you will have to do is you can uninstall the beta one and then install it again.

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