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Thread: Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently

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    Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently

    By Far the most irritating thing in IE8 is the dialog box saying"security warning do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered safely ?" Almost ALL corporate websites ( is a very good instance would require to rewrite their whole website just so that that popup will not give you an idea about I imply come on!!! How does one turn it off enduringly? I rather have phishing software on my system then to be irritated to death.

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    re: Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently

    The reason for the caution is that you’re on an SSL-secured (https protocol) page that is trying to load non-SSL (http protocol) data. Somewhat to note is that the dialog does not prompt if you’re on an HTTP page and you ask for HTTPS URL.Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an Application Layer protocol that is a grouping of HTTP and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security). HTTPS connections are used for safe transport of data between the website and the client. Messages are secure since the HTTP message is encrypted via SSL or TLS and then sent on the network/internet. When the message is received by the addressed station, it decodes the message.The dialog was altered in IE 8 to support users to make the more safe selection by choosing ‘yes’. choosing ‘yes’ to the IE 7 dialog results o9f it are displayed in showing both safe and non-secure content.

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    re: Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently

    Please think about the security implications outlined inside the dialog before honoring the dialog demand. The Security dialog is being neared for your information and protection .We changed the wording of the mixed content (The mixed content refers to HTTP and HTTPS content ) warning dialog to "Do you want to outlook only the web data that was delivered firmly?" The buttons are "Yes/No". If you wish to display mixed content in IE 8 you should click "No". The previous editions of IE asked the user "Do you want to display the secure and non secure content?" You click "Yes" If you desire to display varied content.

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    re: Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently

    Hi! We have a client who wrote that our secure site was insecure. The only reason I can figure for this is the above question that appears in IE8. I do not get a related caution in Firefox 3 or Safari 4. Screening the source code of the page I do not notice any elements coming from a non-safe source - there are elements with virtual URLs but I am assuming that shouldn't be a problem? So my question is, is there a ways to analysis which elements IE8 consider are in-secure so that we may do proper

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    angry Re: Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently

    help rather than excuses. safety exists because it pays for those who provide it as it reduces their chances of receiving complaints losing lawsuits etc. it rarely benefits a user customer or citizen, any of it, from the police to the browser.

    that said, microsoft software is full of these things and i hate every last one. if i wanted security i would not touch a computer or if i did, i'd never connect it to anytghing else and i'd erase it toitally every time i walked away. nor would i write anything of a "secure" nature down, at any time anywhere in any recording media.

    i can get rid of the ie warning if i reset some of the security togles but i changed them intentionally. of course i know that microsoft thinks that this puts meat risk. of what? if something happens i can deal with it.

    anyway its not obviouds how to eliminaste the warnings. In time I suppose I will but asuggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: Turn off Security warning in internet explorer 8 permanently


    Could you please explain what are you trying to say? I am not able to understand whether you are terming microsoft's faulty practise's or you want to disable warnings on Internet Explorer as per this topic was created?

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