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Thread: My web browser fails to open com

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    My web browser fails to open com

    I am not so computer literate. While updating Silverlight I deleted Silverlight accidentally. Now I am not able to play VC-1 and WMV video, and MP3 and WMA audio within a browser and I want to install it once again. While downloading it from official site of Microsoft my Internet Explorer got closed. Any one suggest me way to get rid of this problem. From where can I download Silverlight? Can you all please help me to over come the issue that I am having here.

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    Re: My web browser fails to open com

    I think your browser could not connect to Microsoft. Try to visit site again after some time and load this
    Try to know actual problem.
    1. Earlier were you able to download from this site.
    2. Is it happening with other download or not
    3. Your browser has become bad.
    4. This will defiantly help.

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    Re: My web browser fails to open com

    Try to find where the problem is
    1. See, Is it only with this website you are facing this issue of download.
    2. Earlier where were you downloaded the silver light. If it is Microsoft then site is okay.
    3. Check download is working for other site or not.
    4. Last there may be issue of browser.

    If it issue with this site only then download from other site or use torrent site to download it.

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    Re: My web browser fails to open com

    I tried what you said. T tried to download from given link download.¬microsoft.¬com/¬download/¬3/¬6/¬1/-36190D2A-¬4138-¬4733-¬848E-¬5BB3D7ED960B/¬50917.¬00/¬runtime/¬Silver but the issue is same. Then I downloaded some other file from this browser it worked. Finally I decided to download silverlight from other site. Before installation I had to close my browser. And installed it. Now its working correctly. Thank us your suggestion.

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