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Thread: hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

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    hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

    Since after install internet explorer 8 in my windows 7 compatible Dell inspiron laptop. The functions of any link are working in email, outlook, and also in word documents. Now I am not able to follow up any hyperlink. Those were working fine when I was using the earlier version. This starts creating problem after install internet explorer 8 web browser. I follow some of the web sites but did not found any such positive reply or answer regarding this. So I am posting my problem here. I hope someone from here will surely help me to resolve this issue. Any information regarding this input freely.

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    Re: hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

    As per my opinion regarding this issue though the applications where you are not able to follow up any link there are the package of Microsoft office tool application, so for this the problem might be at the office tool application also, for the confirmation go for do the same process with other browser, if the similar issue is occurring then simply got for the solution regarding the office tool application.

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    Re: hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

    Export the registry key from another computer where the same version internet explorer is running perfectly by this steps:
    • Click the Start menu and then click Run. or you can press Windows key + R key to open the Run command pormpt.
    • Then type "regedit" and click OK or press Enter.
    • Then Browse to the location of the following registry.
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes htmlfile shell open command
    • Then click on the folder command.
    • After that, the file or Registry menu (depending on the operating system), click Export to export the registry file.
    • Now, you can see the place where the file is saved.
    • The registry file can be saved directly to hard disk or floppy disk.
    • It will be easy to type a unique file name, and then click Save.
    • Now, you can close the registry editor.

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    Re: hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

    Microsoft Word will create different links, it depending on how you create them and where the documents are located at that time. When you create via "Insert Hyperlinks link and the selected object in the same folder as the current document, creates a relative link that contains only the file name of the object.
    If the object on the same drive as the current document is created, a link that is relative - for example in the form "<directory> / <document. However, it is on a different drive or the current document is not saved, Word creates an absolute link, such as "D: \ \ <directory> \ \ <document" - i,e including drive specification. So, if you insert the hyperlink and then drag and drop the "Create Hyperlink Here" with the context menu, Word creates absolute links in each link that you insert.

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    Re: hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

    When copying the files from browser to your PC is always likely to be problems: the relative links will work only if all relevant objects are not only copied, but then the corresponding folder structure. The Word document and link of all files are in the same folder. Where does this folder will then land is not important. Links with absolute paths only work if the link-objects are copied exactly to the Appropriate drive in the exact same folder. To repair broken hyperlinks to hide by Alt - F9 a field codes. The link addresses can then directly edit the text. You can then use Edit, Replace to replace several references at once. You can also able to use these path separator ("\ \" or "/").

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    Re: hyperlinks are disabled after Internet explorer 8

    As per my opinion I you should reload the browser, for this run the installation program and at the beginning it will direct you to remove the existing one, go for this and alsoremove other contained files from temporary folder and from the windows registry editor. Now proceed for the fresh installation. Few months ago I was also facing similar issue, any hyperlink or the other links was not open or functioning in MS word or other office application, I searched everywhere and applied many of them. Nothing was happened, then I simply did this reload process and the problem was solved by this, I hope it will also help you to overcome from the problem that you mentioned.

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