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Thread: Facebook uploading photos sideways

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    Facebook uploading photos sideways

    Hi all, I want to upload a photo of mine on facebook but whenever I load that on facebook then it is getting loaded without any problem but displays sideways. This was not happening earlier then why I am facing this now. Can you tell me that why this is happening to me and how can I solve this problem? If you are having idea that can help me then please let me know about that. I will appreciate each and every reply on this topic. Thank you so much in advance.

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    Re: Facebook uploading photos sideways

    I think that the photo which you are trying to upload may be of that way and that is the reason that it is getting loaded sideways. The best way is to rotate the image from the computer and then try to load that into your computer. So, open that with any of the photo editing software say MS paint and then rotate that image from there. After rotating that, you can save that. Now open facebook and browse the edited image in that and load it. This time it will load that image in the same way as you saved that into your computer. I hope that this is going to help you.

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    Re: Facebook uploading photos sideways

    Are you trying to upload the images through your mobile phone or through the computer? If that is from the computer then there may be some other problems with that but if that is from the mobile then I think that this might be concerned with the phones operating system that you have. So if you want then you can try to use the computer to upload the photos into your profile and I am sure that this will be loaded without any problem.

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    Re: Facebook uploading photos sideways

    I found this problem posted several other places but no solution yet. I have a Samsung S Fascinate Galaxy Android 2.2 (Froy) OS seems to be a problem across different handset manufacturers and operators. The only solution for my phone is to take all cargo moving images in landscape orientation. The active load mobile skips the "fail safe" or display the last chance that shipments of PC labeling, rotating, etc. Delete before publishing. The help menu FB States can turn to only enter your photo album and in turn controls at the bottom right of the selected image. As you have noticed these controls are not present. This is a software problem FB, I hope that will fix the error correction is coming.

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    Re: Facebook uploading photos sideways

    I think that Facebook should take what is sent. It is not practical to think I should do something on Facebook after loading. The reason you want to upload photos directly from a mobile device camera to get to-the-minute community to Facebook, which means they are much less likely to be near a computer to make up the rotation after otherwise probably would have uploaded the picture on your computer.

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