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Thread: Cursor jumps to bottom of Web Pages in Internet Explorer 8

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    Cursor jumps to bottom of Web Pages in Internet Explorer 8

    I am using windows XP and internet explorer 8 when I open a webpage that has a width less than the screen width... ANYTIME I press on the surrounding desktop area outer the webpage, the cursor will jump to the bottom of the page. It does not appear to be matter by means of 1 page in length or 15 pages in length, the cursor will jump to bottom. To find back, you go back to where you where (if you be able to locate the correct spot again). These are very annoying, has anybody else had this issue or know of a fix...?

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    Re: Cursor jumps to bottom of Web Pages in Internet Explorer 8

    Windows Explorer has a much related problem. While you double-press on a folder in the left pane, the left pane jumps as well as go down until the folder you pressed on is on the bottom. Because Internet Explorer as well as Explorer has such a general base, I am wondering if it is a manifestation of the similar issue. That indication could as well happen with a malfunctioning keyboard. E.g. if keyboard focus is in the text part of the page, repetitive Spacebar clicks would be reason for it. If you contain a Microsoft keyboard you might have its mskey.exe utility accessible which could assist you check that thought.

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    Re: Cursor jumps to bottom of Web Pages in Internet Explorer 8

    I recently have observed this issue on a system with Internet Explorer 9 Beta as well as a few websites of definite flash based browser games - as well as simply for those. Neither deleting temporary Internet files nor resetting Internet Explorer settings did solve the behavior. Lastly I figured out, what it was: View/Caret browsing was toggled as well as causing this result. Since the hotkey for this is F7, I may have enabled this by bad luck as well as it stuck.

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    Re: Cursor jumps to bottom of Web Pages in Internet Explorer 8

    If you are utilizing a laptop, you be able to attempt to solve this problem by changing the touchpad choices.
    Follow the below steps to go to the mouse settings:
    a. press on the Start key, and after that pressing Control Panel.
    b. In the search field, you have to type mouse, as well as after that press Mouse.
    Also attempt to decrease the mouse sensitivity from the mouse settings:
    i. To modify the rapidity at which the mouse pointer moves.
    ii. In Motion, shift the select a pointer speed slider in the direction of Slow.

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    Re: Cursor jumps to bottom of Web Pages in Internet Explorer 8

    Yes, I am utilizing a laptop, but I am not utilizing the trackpad, I am utilizing a mouse. I am able to say with self-belief that it is not the mouse setting that is the issue. I have not altered the mouse setting in ages, as well as in each respect my PC is still functioning as it always has. Merely one thing has modified: in recent times, in the last month or so, Internet Explorer 8 has changed its behavior, whereas the entire my other browsers are functioning generally. I think it is a fresh update that is the reason for the issue, because it did not do it until freshly.

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