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Thread: How to disable "Information Bar" in Internet Explorer 8

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    How to disable "Information Bar" in Internet Explorer 8

    I recently upgrade my Dell desktop PC into windows 7 64-bit system architecture, the laptop is basically used for internet regarding my study and also for my official purpose. Along with this I am using Internet Explorer 8 64-bit. The main problem in my machine with the browser is from last few days I constantly facing some of the security messages and for this I decided to disable the information bar in my IE 8 browser. But the problem i don’t know how to do this. Is there anyone help me to locate this or to help me with nay suggestion or information about the security problem that I am facing? Any input will be helpful for me.

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    Re: How to disable "Information Bar" in Internet Explorer 8

    You can easily turn off the Information Bar in your browser and for this log in to your machine by suing administrator password and user name. After that type and insert gpedit.msc into the search command panel in start menu and press on ENTER. It will open the internet explorer browser registry editor from there check on the option “Turn off the Security Settings Check Feature” and then click on enable option. It will easily disable the information bar in your browser. Try with this, it is the simplest method.

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    Re: How to disable "Information Bar" in Internet Explorer 8

    If you are getting trouble with pop up error message then there is a solution to stop or to disable the pop up windows in your browser. For that one open the browser application window, and from there open tool menu bar option. From there open Pop-up Blocker setting window, click on it and check the blocked or the disable button. I hope this will one how help you, otherwise if still you are facing same problem then from the tool menu bar option click on reset option, though this is final and ultimate solution, so I suggest you to go for the first process at the beginning.

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    Re: How to disable "Information Bar" in Internet Explorer 8

    I know one solution for regarding the problem that you are facing with internet explorer 8. Click on "Tools" from browser window, and then click on "Internet Options", under that pop up windows select choose Privacy tab, along with this click on settings. From the right side of the windows click on "Pop-Up Blocker.", it will open a setting window, look for the option "Show Information Bar When a Pop-Up Is Blocked", select and check that one. Close that one and then click on "Security" tab, from that tab open "Custom Level", look fo0r the plug-ins those are applied into the browser like the "ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins", enable the security control and restart the browser. I hope this will help you somehow.

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    Re: How to disable "Information Bar" in Internet Explorer 8

    If the problem that you mentioned in your post is occurring for the download any file then there is a solution that I applied earlier when I was also face similar type of problem. open the internet explorer from start menu and open the tool menu, now click on setting or options, it will open the setting window of the browser. now click on internet option and then click on Security tab, from there choose and select the Custom level, look for the Active X control for information bar of the browser, and then from the Automatic prompting, enable that one. And for the download, in similar way scroll down to the download option from the list and click enable. Click OK and make the confirmation. Go through this, it will definitely help you to overcome from the problem.

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