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Thread: A malicious or malfunctioning add-on caused to close this web page

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    A malicious or malfunctioning add-on caused to close this web page

    On yesterday when I was tried to download a performance a test from a career search organization in internet explorer. I received a message from windows that there is a malicious or malfunctioning add-on closes the browser, and for this I was not able to access the web page. It directs me that the browser is closing for protect my system. What should be the actual cause of suddenly appear this type of error, is there any suggestion or idea on this error to resolve this?

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    Re: A malicious or malfunctioning add-on caused to close this web page

    I think the problem is might be occurring for the third party toolbar or the other add-ons those are applied in the browser. for that I recommend you if you are using any third party toolbar or the visual effect then remove that one or change with the official add-ons of MSN. I am giving you the link of MSN Bing toolbar installation link. Click on it and install the Bing toolbar in your internet explorer web browser. I hope this might be resolving the issue. Click HERE to download and install Bing toolbar.

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    Re: A malicious or malfunctioning add-on caused to close this web page

    I am having a solution for this, where as I was also facing relevant issue, and after this I applied that one, the problem is solved. So I hope this one also help you to overcome from the problem, first of all suggest you to open the Internet explorer browser without any add-ons from start menu under system tool in Accessories, for the verification whether the problem is also occurring there or not. If this does not help you, then I would like to suggest you to scan you r machine with an anti malware byte program, though the message which is flashing in your machine is might be occurring for the malwarebyte, so if this happens then y the scan it will be detected and will removed from your machine which affect the browser. Try with this.

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    Re: A malicious or malfunctioning add-on caused to close this web page

    You can also try once by reset the browser for that open browser window, and from there click on reset option. Donít click on remove the browser history and for the remove the browser settings. Terminate the reset process, and wait till the process completes. Restart the browser and the problem will surely solve. Though I told you this because the relevant problem was experienced by one of my friend and after encounter this one he searched almost everywhere for the solution, and also many of them applied, but nothing works over there. After a deeps search, at last he tried with this, and by this the problems I solved. So I recommend you go through this technique.

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