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Thread: Rogers free APN setup information

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    Rogers free APN setup information

    Since I am utilizing my iPhone with pay and leave I thought this would exercises immense. So I went to see where I could alter the APN settings and utilize the Rogers APN. And I establish not anything but ache and suffering. By default the iPhone utilizes an iPhone precise Rogers APN. It is probable to alter the APN by loading a novel profile file. You can have one produced for utilize simply by searching on the google. That is all great and fine if you just require changing to say the internet site APN. But the Rogers APN did not effort. This is because it needs all traffic going via a proxy also to the APN. Please if anyone have any further information regarding this than please provide. All informationís are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Rogers free APN setup information

    To enter that proxy you just require to jailbreak your phone. There is much information on how to do this out there, just simply search on google if you require a guide. One time you have that completed; you can facilitate the ability to alter the APN on the phone. That at a standstill does not permit you to utilize of a proxy though, but if you have jailbroken your phone you might too make it simpler to alter APN's. To utilize a proxy, initially sprint Cydia, and stack the TZones Hack. Later than that, you require editing some files on the phone, so downloading a bit like WinSCP and SFTP in to the handset. Unlock the: /private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences. Plist. Seem through for the below part, and alter the T-Mobile APN settings to equivalent below:
    HTML Code:
    <string> CommCenter (ip1)</string>
    <key> CommCenter</key>
    One time that if altered, unlock: /private/var/preferences/proxy.pac

    The contents which I am utilizing in mine are:
    function DiscoverProxyForURL(URL, host)
    if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
    return "PROXY";
    return "PROXY";
    Later than all of that, start again the phone for fine measure, and with any luck the whole thing will begin functioning. I can validate that on the $7 pay and go limitless plan by means of the goam site APN with the proxy does exertion fruitfully (no extra accuses). This as well, efforts for both Edge and 3G, and google maps work (almost certainly most additional applications as well).

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    Re: Rogers free APN setup information is a suitable Rogersís http proxy. There are in fact 4 dissimilar addresses which all work. I wouldn't recommend attempting this on a post-paid plan. There is a complete problem of IMEI tracking that you have to anxious about. The good thing of prepaid is the stumpy stakes. All you place to misplace is your prepaid balance. On a 1st generation mobile with 1.1 you could alter the IMEI #. There is no method to alter the IMEI on 2.0 firmware or 3G phones up till now.

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    Re: Rogers free APN setup information

    I utilized an IMEI from a Nokia 6101 which I had at house, with 1.1 firmware. I have the $40 or 8 GB data plan currently on my 3G iPhone. With the fall in the price of data, I would quite pay an additional $25 a month for my data than anxious regarding a vast bill each month. Some months before it charge $70 for 2 GB, (or $90 for 600 MB if you could not get the PC-Card plan added to your 1st generation iPhone line. But if you have disbursed As You Go, you truly have not anything to mislay by installing the proxy and utilizing it with no altering your IMEI. They can't mail you a $20,000 data bill on a prepaid plan; they can only destroy your residual balance by billing you 10 cents/kb.

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