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Thread: Need broadband connection in Bangalore

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    Need broadband connection in Bangalore

    Hi friends I have recently settled in Bangalore city. Before this I was living in Mumbai city and there I make use of the airtel ISP. But here I have heard from many of the people that Airtel service provider is not that much good. So that s why I am little bit confused in to this that for which service provider I have to make use of. If you people know about it which is best in Bangalore then please help me over here I will be thankful for this. And ya in this I need preferably 1Mbps unlimited with NO FUP. And before this when I was in Baroda so there I make use of the YOU telecomm that was also god. Provided me with excellent service and almost zero downtime. Oh and by the way I live in BTM 2nd stage. So please try to give your input as soon as it is possible for you guys.

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    Re: Need broadband connection in Bangalore

    Hey so you are just coming in to the Banglore city. Actually when I came here so I was also going through the same issue and then regarding this issue I take the help from one of the local guy. And he told me that Reliance wired line will be best for you. So currenly I am making use of the same. And let me tell you that till from 4 month I am making use of this and it is working in a good condition. I do not have any issue regarding the same. So if you want my recommendation over this issue then I also tell you that If you want a connection without FUP then Reliance wired line dsl is the best option. And ya in this the main issue is that it is not available in some of the area. So you just make confirm that your area have this line or not. And if this help you then please provide your post for me over here.

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    Re: Need broadband connection in Bangalore

    If you want my opinion on this then I will suggest you that please do not consider Reliance WiMax based internet, because for this I have reason actually when I was using this so at that time the first thing which was happening very frequently it was Down times are little frequent, the second thing was whatever technical support these people have given it is really very poor. It is because every issue they need around two day to fix this. And the last thing was that They do not have sufficient local people to give instant on-site support. So this is what I know about it and I am sure this will really help you.

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    Re: Need broadband connection in Bangalore

    After reading all this I will suggest you to make use of the BSNL Dataone or Airtel Broadband any one from this. I am recently making use of the BSNL Dataone in B.T.M Layout since around 8 months and their service has been very much improved. And in the Reliable speed it is actually fluctuating sometimes good ad some time very poor. Customer support also improved much after they switched to 1-800-424-1800. So now it is up to I am sure that you will make use of the correct one.

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    Re: Need broadband connection in Bangalore

    I am in girinagar and recently amking use of the hathway which is really god one here and here may not be the case with btm and here also bsnl is good in btm I am saying this because my bro is using it and it is horrible with 20 hours downtime per day can you make believe on it? I am changing my location in 11 months and if hatchway is not there I will be in big trouble if I am not able to find anything else which can give me an equal service. Hathway has the whole thing to my satisfaction but the upload speed is 1/5th of the download speed that is the issue for me.

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