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Thread: Opera: cannot move email to other yahoo folders

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    Opera: cannot move email to other yahoo folders

    I am having yahoo ID. All the things were working properly till I installed the Opera in my computer. Before that, I was using the Firefox and there was no problem with that. Now whenever I try to move my emails to any of the folders then it s showing me message that says, it cannot be moved. Many of the times, it keeps on scrolling down without any reason when the mouse cursor is moved to the list. Can you tell me that what is the problem with this and also tell me that what I should do to solve this problem? Thank you very much in advance for reading and replying to this post.

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    Re: Opera: cannot move email to other yahoo folders

    Opera developers are conscious of it and issue. They are not telling that when they are going to fix this problem. Decision regarding rolling reverse is how significant yahoo mail and problem of having to restock is to you vs. compensation of Opera 11. I make use of yahoo used for a few kinds of email but there are outstanding services out there which are economical. One I utilize is Fastmail that manages POP as well as IMAP, have webmail site, aliases as well as virtually no spam (I principally make use of it by means of the email client). Something likes $34/2 years. Programming plus staff is so excellent that Opera bought it out early on this year.

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    Re: Opera: cannot move email to other yahoo folders

    You have not mentioned that which version of the opera you are using. I think that there may be some problem with the version of the opera that is installed in your computer. If that is the case then you will have to change the version of the opera that you are using. In my case, I am using the Opera 10 and that is not showing me any of the issues like this. So if you want to check that then you can install the same version in your computer and see if that is able to solve the issue for you or not. I am quite sure that you will not get any issue like this.

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    Re: Opera: cannot move email to other yahoo folders

    There may be some problem with the installed files of the opera that is running in your computer. There is possibility that some of the files for it from the system may be missing or corrupted and that is the reason that you are getting the problem. My suggestion to you is to uninstall the opera from your computer and after that install that once again. This will make all the new files for it and problem may be solved. The best way to do that is to download the new setup for that and then install from that. I hope that this time you will not get the problems like that. I am not saying that this is definitely going to solve the issue for you but this is one of the possible reasons and the solution for such issues.

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    Re: Opera: cannot move email to other yahoo folders

    I am not confident regarding this but in my case when I was facing the similar difficulty then the motive for that was the stopped operating system. This could also be the difficulty within your case. So if you would like to corroborate that difficulty then the most excellent method for this is to carry out the repair intended for your operating system. get the bootable Windows CD and put in that into optical drive of the computer. Boot as of that disk and when it prompts you that which type of installation you desire to carry out then you will have got to choose repair and press enter. This will begin repairing the entire files designed for the operating system and will solve all corrupted files.

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