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Thread: Open New Window maximized in Internet Explorer 8

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    Open New Window maximized in Internet Explorer 8

    At whatever time I right press on web page link as well as choose "Open in New Window" than the window opens in half range as compared to maximized. Window opens maximized while I open it from desktop/quick launch shortcut. It is just that it opens smaller while right pressing on link. I have tried lots of things to get out from this problem but not able to get out from this so please tell me some solution regarding this issue.

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    Re: Open New Window maximized in Internet Explorer 8

    To resolve the issue about minimized window size of internet explorer 8 in windows 7 as well as make it to a full window. You have to open merely one internet explorer 8 window on the upper bar of the window. Then you have to right press it as well as select size. Then resize the window to its full display. Then you have to open file menu as well as select exit. There you go. And after that Open internet explorer 8 it will definitely default in full view.

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    Re: Open New Window maximized in Internet Explorer 8

    Internet Explorer is designed to execute in the way you are getting. While you open the program you be able to set it to maximize through the Properties of the shortcut. While you press a link as Open in fresh Window the window will be in the volume of the “draw” window, at the setting you closed the final window in. One answer is to draw a window that fill up your screen. The other is to locate third-party software that will change the behavior of the window as well as open new windows as Maximized. Utilizing Third Party Software, containing hardware drivers is able to reason serious issues that may stop your Pc from booting correctly. Microsoft is not able to assurance that any issues resulting from the utilize of Third Party Software be able to resolved. Utilize Third Party Software is at your own risk. Expect that helps.

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    Re: Open New Window maximized in Internet Explorer 8

    I am as well experiencing the same issue. Utilizing Windows 7 as well as internet explorer 8.There was no issues with Internet Explorer 7 'remembering' maximized windows volume. Now extended page, closed, as well as it worked! Utilizing internet explorer 8, have attempted amending shortcut image properties to maximized, attempted closing stretched windows by means of CTRL plus X, attempted closing windows utilizing File plus X. None of these works! I would revert to internet explorer 7 if I could. Any other idea please? Cannot recognize why internet explorer 8 be supposed to be so difficult to perform basic tasks!

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    Re: Open New Window maximized in Internet Explorer 8

    I have a maximized internet explorer 8 window in addition to press on a link; the fresh window opens at half a page size. I maximize it, press ctrl as I close it with the red X, press on the link again as well as it opens at half a page. Why is not there a good simple method to get the application to perform what I want .It is the similar with internet explorer 8 rejecting to install an activex control for the reason that it is not able to confirm it, although I recognize it is OK as well as would like to install it? If MS software needs to resolve the way we utilize our PCs, after that the software be supposed to be free! Or else, give us software that does what WE would like.

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