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Thread: Frequently losing internet connection but not the wifi network

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    Frequently losing internet connection but not the wifi network

    In my Compaq Presario PC I am facing a problem with the internet connection, which was working fine till the last few days. But first time this problem was start occurring right from last two days ago. If I try to connect my system with the network, it connects properly and also the status of the network connection is also fine. But I frequently keep loosing the internet access speed. Though I was only browsing some of the web sites not were downloading. I canít understand what should I do now to regain the internet speed? Is there anyone having any suggestion for me to overcome from this problem?

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    re: Frequently losing internet connection but not the wifi network

    According to me this problem is occurring for the connectivity, because I was also facing similar issue, after that I did a research on this problem and found that, it is necessary to reset the network connection in every after a time interval. So I suggest you to reset the network connectivity in your machine, for that enter into network and sharing window, from control panel and from there remove the network connection name which you are using. Now take a fresh network connection creation process. And then try to connect the machine with this newly created network.

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    re: Frequently losing internet connection but not the wifi network

    Loosing internet connection might be occurring or the browser program, where you are accessing the network. Because in some of the cases I found that for not getting proper internet speed may be occurring for the browser. For that I suggest you to reload the web browser with a new latest one. For that enter into developer web site and from ether select and download the latest version, install it and replace with the earlier one, along with this also remove the files those are stored into the temporary folder and the registry editor.

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    re: Frequently losing internet connection but not the wifi network

    You can also try once by update the wifi router, which is installed in your machine, where as one of my friend was also facing similar issue, after that he also searched every for the solution of this problem, though he does not found any solution but he can resolve this issue with an simple trick, I also suggest you to go through that process, this is update the driver version either by manually or automatically. Click into the driver name from device manager, and from ether select the update option. Click on automatic (online option), and wait for the information of the update version , which will shown to you, in this way up to date the driver application. I hope it will somehow help you to resolve the issue.

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    Re: Frequently losing internet connection but not the wifi network

    As per my opinion the problem is simply for the network connection that you are using, for that there is no way to resolve this by yourself, I recommend you to contact with the internet service provider and register your complain. They will surely rectify the problem. Though along with this you can try one process, reconfigure the internet connection, by reinsert the setting of the internet connectivity into the network setting window, try with this, it might be help you.

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