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Thread: Limited access to wifi and no internet in Laptop

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    Limited access to wifi and no internet in Laptop

    I am using a laptop and I cannot obtain any internet access from it. I have tested the hosts file, proxies, and auto gets IP address, however nothing seems to be worked at all. There is a limited Wifi access from my laptop to the router and I cannot able to get any of the internet access. Is there any way to get the access and come out from this issue? I am currently running with Windows 7.

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    Re: Limited access to wifi and no internet in Laptop

    First of all perform the TCP/IP reset. In Windows 7
    • Start>Programs>Accessories and right click on top of Command Prompt, pick "Run as Administrator" to release a command prompt.
    • To Reset WINSOCK entries go for this command: netsh winsock reset catalog
    • To Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to default install process:netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
    • To Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack use this command: netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log
    • Once completed restart you computer and I hope that It will have been resolved now.

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    Re: Limited access to wifi and no internet in Laptop

    Gaze and notice if you are letting the NIC, the one on top of the laptop, to set off to sleep, there are numerous problems inside Windows 7 that moreover take place when departing to sleep, at the same time as sleeping or whereas arousing, these are essentially on dissimilar computer's/laptops however do take place. If you are permitting the Network card to sleep otherwise hibernates switch that preference as off, actually I don't permit whichever of my computers/laptops toward sleep/hibernate at that time on power and have had extremely small in the manner of problems.

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    Re: Limited access to wifi and no internet in Laptop

    If you are not able to connect the computer via wireless then connect it to the router by the use of cable and after that turn on the computer - stay hitting F8 key on your keyboard like it boots up and a menu must come into view. There you can choose safemode with networking. After booting from the same mode observe if that connects, if not then check the IP configuration once again.

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    Re: Limited access to wifi and no internet in Laptop

    If you are making use of a broadband router as well as if you have DHCP on your network, make sure that your laptop's IP address to confirm it is legitimate and not a confidential address that begins by means of 169.254. An unacceptable address of the appearance 169.254.x.x indicates your laptop's incapability to acquire a working IP address from that router. Also run the Windows Network Repair tool on Windows 7 for your laptop. It may gonna help you.

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