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Thread: Voice Call button appears on Facebook

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    Voice Call button appears on Facebook

    While surfing on Internet today morning on some of the site i come to know about the Voice Call button which appears on Facebook by some of the user and they have shown the image of the same. I have gone through the complete article but unable to get it. Is it true that Facebook is planning to launch the Voice Call feature in its Chat. If you are having info regarding same then do let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Voice Call button appears on Facebook

    Although Facebook has entered the VoIP communications industry through its partnership with Skype, the fact is that the network could be developing its own call button, which appear in the user profile. Rumors of Facebook voice chat are not new, dating back to 2009. Some social network users have seen their profiles appear on a mysterious button with the function call, but could not, at present, communicate with anyone. One member was able to capture the possible new feature, so it appears that Zuckerberg's company was doing tests before submitting it formally.

    If we consider that Facebook is about to develop its messaging product, a service that integrates email, instant messaging and text messages under the, calls using voice over IP protocols or VoIP could be a ideal complement to the messaging system. This measure would intensify competition further with Google because it has already integrated voice calls in Gmail and free telephone calls made in the USA and Canada in 2011. At the moment, since the network has declined to make any kind of comment.

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    Re: Voice Call button appears on Facebook

    Several speculations have arisen about the new button "call" Facebook is trying on some pages. Facebook users found that entering and review the profiles of their friends appeared a button to share voice messages, but not functionality. This is perhaps the most desired application from the union between Skype and social networking. After the connection between Facebook and Skype in September last year, Skype 5.0 was born with a series of additions and new features, among the most important, the inclusion of a Facebook tab that allows users to send SMS messages and chat or make video calls. According to the site Read Write Web last business association talked about Facebook, Skype, was on the long-awaited launch of the calls through the network.

    Questioned about the rumors and speculation Skype decided not to give statements, while a Facebook spokesperson declined to talk about it. "We do not comment on rumors and speculation, and we should not announce anything at this time." Clarified the two companies. The measure would make little sense for Facebook, as most recently worked to become the center of your online communication experience. His recent "no e-mail" was released with the promise that it would work seamlessly between the devices, however upon its release there were errors of connectivity between a device and another, by what they said are the first tests for the new application.

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    Re: Voice Call button appears on Facebook

    In this new version users will be able to make calls to friends in the Skype network. Facebook entire agenda will be inserted into the main area of Skype, where currently included news, alerts and messages. Now this new section will update similar to those already known in the network. The difference in each update and user status are now two new buttons:
    • SMS
    • CALL

    These buttons include whether our Facebook friends include your phone number on your social networking profile. If the user has a friend on Facebook but not connected to Skype contacts button "Call" will appear indicating that even that friend is not added to our Skype contacts.

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