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Thread: How Google analytics ‘track’ visitor with the help of its code

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    How Google analytics ‘track’ visitor with the help of its code

    I heard this earlier but actually don’t have an idea how it is possible. Therefore, here I just wish to know how Google analytics track code recognizes the visitor and its behavior. Anyone ever heard this or ever solve this conclusion? I want to know deeply about this. If anyone knows anything or I can say any single bit regarding this, and then please let me know. I thing each information regarding this will help me know this properly. So please provide your response and feedback.

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    Re: How Google analytics ‘track’ visitor with the help of its code

    I can give details some of them. The Java script you copy and paste on your site continues track on the visitors. While you browse the site from your PC your data goes as frames to the target site. IP addresses and many additional information goes with it. IP address alone carries majority of the information. IP's are separated around the countries of the world. So while a connection is recognized from that IP the tracker can simply know from where that traffic arrived from. This will clarify visitor’s numbers, Sources of Visitors. Bounce rate are just the figure of visited pages of the site. Browser information, operating system information along with other information is approved in the frames.

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    Re: How Google analytics ‘track’ visitor with the help of its code

    If you wish to view individual IP addresses of your website’s visitors you require clicking on Visitors-Network Properties- Hostnames, from the right sidebar. There you will observe a list of IP addresses and how much time all has visited the website. This can show helpful if your site is being attacked (spoiled, DDOS-ed, and so on.), as you can settle on who your attacker is, or at least his proxy. I wish this information is helpful for you.

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    Re: How Google analytics ‘track’ visitor with the help of its code

    I have been utilizing Sitemeter for the very long time. It is truly good. It informs me how many visitors I have. What web sites heading for those visitors to me. It provides me cool charts to observe the visitor numbers go up and down. What further could you inquire for in a state program? And after that Google came along and slapped me across the face 3 stooges like. I pay like USD $6 a month for Sitemeter. Google Analytics is gratis. (Ok, Sitemeter has a gratis edition as well, but after that my stats are public. I don't want someone's filthy mugs on my stats.)

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    Re: How Google analytics ‘track’ visitor with the help of its code

    One of the first things which bloggers perform when they setup their blogs is setup a few form of visitor tracking. Some of the more ordinary trackers are Stat counter, Site Meter and Google Analytics. Personally, I sprint all three counters on this blog, but generally seem at Stat counter’s stats. It is helpful to provide me an overview of what is occurrence at present on my blog, and lets me perceive every individual visitor as they come into the blog. Google Analytics is most helpful to get an overview of your blog’s trends, and it does not provide you the information on individual visitors like the majority other counters accomplish. There are vast arrays of things which you can do with the data which Google Analytics picks up, but I will elucidate a few of the extra common things which you can do.

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