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Thread: Download speed continuous getting slow in BSNL broadband connection

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    Download speed continuous getting slow in BSNL broadband connection

    I am having an Acer aspire laptop, which is running with windows 7 OS. Generally I used to connect my machine with internet and also along with some of the general home entertainment purpose, like to watch movies and also playing high definition game. I authorized with BSNL broadband connection, the machine and the internet connect5ion was working fine, but from last two days, it continuously creating some problem on internet connection. And the problem is occurred only while I tried to download any content. The speed of the download bandwidth is continuously getting very slow, where as the browsing speed is ok, only the download speed si only slow. Is it for the internet connection or any other issue in somewhere? What are other ways to speed up my internet speed when I am going for download?

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    Re: Download speed continuous getting slow in BSNL broadband connection

    I think the problem is for the internet connection, might the bandwidth, which is actually set in your internet connection, for that the problem, is occurring. So for that, I would like to suggest you to check the internet connection that you are using. When you are downloading nay content be sure that the internet is properly connected and the bandwidth of your internet connection is not getting low, during download. Though you motioned, they browsing speed is ok, then I donít think so with the same internet you will got any problem in different task. I recommend you to download or install nay download manager which is compatible with your operating system, try with this, if this one also gives you low bandwidth during download, and then it might be the internet connection problem. Because I heard that some of the default internet web browsers are not able to collect the desire bandwidth to download any content in its default download manager.

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    Re: Download speed continuous getting slow in BSNL broadband connection

    If you are facing the problem which you are download any file or other content by the browsers default download manager then I think you should go for third party download manager application program. I am also using a download manager which is known as Internet download manager (IDM). I suggest you to download and install latest version in your machine. This is a good download manager, maximum number of internet bandwidth it will fetched while there is download in progress. But this download manager is not a freeware, you need to buy this one, or if you download the free version, it will give you 30 days trial pack. So try with this, it will sure give you better downloading speed experience.

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    Re: Download speed continuous getting slow in BSNL broadband connection

    I was also facing similar issue in my machine with broadband connectivity, I regularly used to download some of the video files or other media files from few websites into my machine. So anytime it will not give me any problem with download. But suddenly, after using 3 months, one days it start giving me lowest speed in downloading, apart from the desire speed which is allocated in my internet connection. I thought, there might be any connection machine, and for next two days, I did not download any content for next two days, whereas, the browsing was fine. But when after two days, when I again tried to download some content, it was still gives me some speed problem, the speed frequently goes down. After that I direct contact with the service provider, then checked and found there is some bandwidth problem in my internet connection. So i think, in your internet connection, same thing may be happen. So contact with your service provider and let them check whether there is any problem in your broadband connection.

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