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Thread: Which web directories are beneficial

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    Which web directories are beneficial

    I am having doubt about submitting to directories. There are just a small number of directories which includes DMOZ as well as Yahoo directory which are worth. Many of the directories are nowadays Nofollow as well as immobile accuse intended for a listing. I want to ask that whether their listing worth? Is anybody getting a few traffic coming from directory listing? Can someone recommend a few high PR Dofollow directories which are free?

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    Re: Which web directories are beneficial

    If we consider the ranking perspective then I have had extremely small achievement by means of directories. They are an out-of-date idea. To me they grasp little additional charge as compared to a social bookmark. This will provide you the anchor text. You would not get any traffic as of the directories but I still be fond of submitting to plenty of free of charge directories only to construct up a number of additional backlinks. Although they are small excellence links.

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    Re: Which web directories are beneficial

    In my opinion I would not advocate you to submit to directories. I am telling you this because many of the directories do not support submissions and also the webmasters are nowhere close to establish. Though from time to time when I perceive a post on forums regarding a directory I typically submit. Like the newest post I get was regarding Pagerank 5 directories which have very just some submissions. obviously I will put forward my website to that.

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    Re: Which web directories are beneficial

    There are still abundance of free of charge directories but the majority of the directories that will present you the maximum value contain prepared expenses for example hosting, paid editors in addition to that programmers to disburse which put in the features that you need. That is fraction of the cause that why they need an appraisal fee and the additional part is to discontinue the inflow of spammed submissions. And with profits, such directories are improved capable to endorse their listing that includes yours. If you limit yourself for free then it will stop you from listing in a number of the strongest directories. I hope that this will provide you some ideas about this.

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    Re: Which web directories are beneficial

    There may be many free directories but I would like to tell you that those are not very useful to you. But still if you have money then you can go for this and I hope that this will be helpful to you. This is just the suggestion for you and the choice is yours. This is not a bad idea to go for the free directories but you should obtain more information about this before making any decision.

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