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Thread: How to get approved your website on Google news.

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    How to get approved your website on Google news.

    I am one of the small businessmen in IT field. I have one website that promotes products crated by our company. For benefiting by business I realize that listing by web site in Google news will be beneficial to me. Is there anyone who has experience in getting approved into Google News? I request you to tell me how did you manage to do that?

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    Re: How to get approved your website on Google news.

    I am also business man in marketing field. I am also want to list my web-site on Google news. And there is no matter that your business surely benefited. As more people involved to look news first. If they discover your site there than obviously your number of visitors indirectly improved. Actually I hire a author to write down a press release and spread them for me. It really does job well to make my website come into view in Google News for a era of time. I am also telling you employ an important person to write.

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    Re: How to get approved your website on Google news.

    For record into goggle news, your side wants to follow rule given lower, available on official site of Google which specify what type of sites they allow:-
    • Have news content exposure on recent events Ė They donít take in informational and how-to articles, job postings, fictitious content, event announcements, advice columns or Have content that is unique to the site;
    • Have articles that are written and maintain by a apparent organization, one that has numerous writers and editors with easy to get to contact information;
    • Donít exclusively support their own activities or products.

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    Re: How to get approved your website on Google news.

    If you familiar about basic guidelines mentioned by Google. And you already take care of all those things. Make sure that you are not violating other guidelines regarding the Quality. On any site the quality of the content distinguish that site from other ones. Google also fixed their quality of contents and specifies some rules that should be followed by all the sites that want to display themselves in Googles News content. These guidelines are available on their official site.

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