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Thread: How to get top page rank on Google?

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    How to get top page rank on Google?

    First I like to tell you that I am new user and I have build a new web site based on concept of social media agency. I want to know how I can get first keywords positions in listing of pages displayed by the Google. So please tell me the right pathway to reach this goal tell me only white hat techniques instead of black hat techniques.

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    Re: How to get top page rank on Google?

    I surprise that you still can’t get any reply. No one even knows your niche. I can just give an very general advice to improve your ranking. Create contents, build backlinks and also try for better options if you have budget like pay per link service. NO offsence meant but question is like asking “How to create website?” I advise you to do little search and if you have any question specicic to this issue I am sure there are hell amount of people who ready to help you. Moral of all these thing is that just concentrate on your backlinks option.

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    Re: How to get top page rank on Google?

    Backlinks are actually more important than content, and also anchor text is also an extremely important when you are thing about improving the page rank. You should seek to have only backlinks with your main keyword as anchor text. From my point of view a good strategy is to make a PPC campaign on Google. It will automatically give you very high quality backlinks as well as some well needed traffic, but you have to spend some money.

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    Re: How to get top page rank on Google?

    There are several ways exists by help of which your websites work better with Google. Like Directory submission which is available in two types that is paid and free. There is also option available of social bookmaking. Along with social bookmarking there is another option called article submission like Pay Per Link (PPC) service which is useful for getting fast result from Google. Press media result and Blog creation and may more..

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    Re: How to get top page rank on Google?

    Getting a Google page rank for your site to doing SEO technics, Which is the most beneficial for generating a some of the traffics at your site. It's all the technics are most beneficial for getting good page rank for your site.
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