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Thread: Windows live Mail links fail if Internet Explorer is open

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    Windows live Mail links fail if Internet Explorer is open

    I am utilizing windows live email and each time I attempt to click on a link within the email without previously containing internet explorer unlock it illustrates an error, saying that: there was a trouble sending the command to the application. Even though Internet Explorer does unlock, it brings up an empty page saying that it is completed in the lower left-hand corner. Donít understand what to do and how to solve this problem. Please someone help me to solve this issue. Please provide some easy and useful information.

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    Re: Windows live Mail links fail if Internet Explorer is open

    1. Were you able to unlock links from windows live mail devoid of any problems previous?
    2. What occurs while you attempt opening links from some other program or application, like Microsoft office?
    3. Any alters made on your PC newly?

    Craft internet explorer as a default browser and verify.
    1. Unlock Default Programs by clicking on the Start key, and after that clicking Default Programs.
    2. Click on set your default programs.
    3. After that choose internet explorer and after that click on Set this program as default.
    4. Click on ok.

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    Re: Windows live Mail links fail if Internet Explorer is open

    I have this similar trouble and my defaults are accurate. It will takes place utilizing Live Mail and Outlook 2010 beta. This is a novel computer which approached with Microsoft Windows 7 installed and this has occurred from the primary establish. It Internet Explorer is unlocked first after that click on the link and it will bond. Can you give further way out as I have followed your present instruction for the default setting and at a standstill have the trouble

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    Re: Windows live Mail links fail if Internet Explorer is open

    In annoying to understand how to put in an HTML link on your Desktop I may have establish an even simpler repro case but not one which occupies explorer.exe. Right click on Desktop shows me a menu thing for Gadgets. Clicking on that actually unlocks something called sidebar.exe, in a window patrician Gadgets Gallery, and at the bottom right of it there is a link tagged, Get More Gadgets Online, that would as well unlock an Internet Explorer window. How is that one for you? I wish this information is useful for you.

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    Re: Windows live Mail links fail if Internet Explorer is open

    In any case, all of these instances might have something to perform with DDE that window XP utilized to be able to show us utilizing its Folder Options device. Now allegedly we have to trust the Set Defaults tool to obtain it right if repairs are required and getting there may appear like crossing the maze in Adventure. For example, in Control Panel utilized Default Programs, Set Program Access and Defaults, Custom. May, require reviving that Run as Administrator thing, Ctrl-Right click on the Taskbar button. Discover the window label in the Ctrl-Right click menu. Right clicks on that and utilize sprint as Administrator again JIC. Now click on Custom. Click Internet Explorer even if it is your default. We are annoying this as a fix process, after that click OK. A message window should emerge representative that superior things might be occurrence to Internet explorer's settings.

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