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Thread: Broadcom wireless chip not working with HP Dm4 060us laptop

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    Broadcom wireless chip not working with HP Dm4 060us laptop

    I am using a Broadcom 4313 802.11 wireless chip attached with my HP Dm4-060us wide screen laptop, this is running with windows 7 OS. This worked fine till the last few days, but suddenly form last two days either the wireless router or the chip is not working fine, whenever I tried to connect the router into my machine it responds that the router is not up to date and need to update the firmware version. I tried with all wireless mode, but nothing is responding, I am not having such information for the wireless connectivity. Is there anyone having any solution for this problem? Suggest me some tricks to resolve this one.

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    Re: Broadcom wireless chip not working with HP Dm4 060us laptop

    As the error message that you are getting with your wireless connectivity, update eth wireless driver and along with its firmware. I had the similar issue with my machine, where also the wireless driver was stopped working after using 5 months. After that I simply update the driver, and the router again back to work. So to update the driver you need to go to the device from there locate the wireless driver or network driver tab, open it and select device driver. Right click on it, select eth update option; this will automatically update the driver version. Reboot you r machine, now along also reinstall the firmware application of the wireless driver.

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    Re: Broadcom wireless chip not working with HP Dm4 060us laptop

    My elder brother was facing similar issue with his Broadcom wireless router, this one also worked fine till the first 3 months, but after that suddenly when he tried to connect the router with his machine, it shows to update the driver firmware, and till complete the firmware the router does not starts. After that I tried with online update option, but this does not get any update option. After that from the driver properties windows collect the manufacturer name, and from its web site he download the latest firmware version. So if you are also not able to update the driver firmware version online, and then try with this by collect your router manufacturer name, I hope this will definitely helps you.

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    Re: Broadcom wireless chip not working with HP Dm4 060us laptop

    I would like to suggest you to make sure that your wireless chip card is inserted and working fine, because in some of cases I found that wireless routers and chip cards are not connected properly with the machine. Go to the network connection wizard and from there check whether the wireless devices are working fine or not. Along with that also speed is very with the router connectivity, a good speed internet speed is required with wireless connection. The error message that you mentioned in your post, might be occurred for the speed that you have in your internet connection. Go through this process, I hope this will somehow whelp you to overcome from the problem.

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