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Thread: Voice over IP comes in Gmail

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    Voice over IP comes in Gmail

    I am using windows xp in the system and also using the system for the internet surfing and also for some collage projects and presentation. I have heard that Google has launched the voice calling on the Gmail. Is this a fact or a kind of roumur actually I am using Gmail for chatting with the friends and if this facility is available then it would be very grateful to them will anyone of you will make me clear of this fact. Please help me.

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    Re: Voice over IP comes in Gmail

    Yes you are right that Google has Google formalize Call for Gmail, a service of IP telephony call that was already implemented in Gmail in the U.S. and Canada. The service is currently not available in other countries. I hope they will do this for India very soon. SO then you will be able to enjoy the voice calling on the Gmail. So wait for then and hope they will do it very soon.

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    Re: Voice over IP comes in Gmail

    For several months, Google already is testing a new feature for Gmail, you can talk with. It is not related to Google Voice, but stands as a standalone tool in Gmail chat. So it is really about voice over IP, Voice not Google. VoIP - which means you can make phone calls over the Internet. This should be free in the U.S. and Canada; other countries should be accessible to discount prices.

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    Re: Voice over IP comes in Gmail

    It took a long time but now gets Skype serious competition, from Google. In the United States and Canada can Gmail users from free VoIP calls over nationally immediately. Even hard-line calls to other countries are possible: Google is a conversation price of 0.02 dollars a minute just under the prices below Sykpe. The new feature will be in the coming days to all Gmail users made available. Hope it will be very soon will available in Asia too.

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    Re: Voice over IP comes in Gmail

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