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Thread: Error " rejecting password"

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    Error " rejecting password"

    I configured the account in OE as prescribed and box, Login and Password Remove, and Re-typing anything. Receiving a message I was just wondering if any one had come across a fix for the above issue. Trying to connect to my mailbox via Outlook or my mobile device gives the error " failed to log in. The server has rejected the username or password ". My details are correct however (I logged in here using them) . I've tried deleting and readding the account and get the same. I've tried outlook express and outlook 2007 and got the same result. please tell me how to get this issue fixed.

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    Re: Error " rejecting password"

    You can use the Outlook Connector to Live account. However, make sure you have the correct settings, set it so that the window is constantly re-enter your password reported (as you described, not a connection error). Then type the password again but uncheck Remember password. If passed, it will remember them at the re-introduction.

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    Re: Error " rejecting password"

    I do not have Office Outlook 2007. I wanted to add to your account in Outlook Express. I also tried different on Hotmail. Com to download mail from other accounts with o2, WP, and Gmail, and send them through Hotmail, but it does not go. Well leave it all about business as usual. How ever you can try to use other third party email clients like the mozilla Thunderbird.

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    Re: Error " rejecting password"

    While running the same configuration you can follow the steps which are mentioned below to fix this out
    • Tools -> Account Settings
    • E-mail -> New...
    • Microsoft Exch, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP ... -> Next
    • Manually configure server settings or additional types of servers -> Next
    • Internet E-mail -> Next
    • Fill in the data ...
    • Type a POP3 account,,
    • User name, password, store password, to log on using Secure Password Authentication -> more settings
    • Outgoing Server tab -> SMTP Outgoing server requires authentication (use the same settings as ....)
    • Advanced tab -> Incoming Server POP3: 995

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