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Thread: Plugins to load flash videos on Linux

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    Plugins to load flash videos on Linux

    I am having a Linux OS on my computer system which has been installed recently and Its been always mystery that which plug in should I use in order to stream an online videos on my Linux machine? As I am new to this operating system, I donít have much ideas about what is good or bad. Specifically I want to watch the Youtube videos.

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    Re: Plugins to load flash videos on Linux

    Swfdec is a free software that lets you view interactive Flash animations. It is available for 32-bit architectures, 64-bit PowerPC Ubuntu, and is offered as an application separate (standalone) or as a plugin for browsers Mozilla SeaMonkey , Mozilla Firefox and Epiphany . Swfdec is licensed under GNU LGPL 2.1. Its main advantage over the player official owner of the Adobe Systems is that it can work with different processor architectures and can be ported to many platforms. (The official reader is available for platforms and architectures are the most popular.) Moreover, since this is free software, you can distribute it with other free software while the distribution of official reader is following the acceptance of a distribution license binding only.

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    Re: Plugins to load flash videos on Linux

    Gnash is a free player interactive vector animations ( .swf ) and Flash video format ( .flv ) (the flv are readable since version 0.8.5) developed by the GNU project. He wants to be a free alternative to popular proprietary player Flash Player from Adobe Systems . Available for many Linux distributions (including Ubuntu) for all architectures (x86 32-bit and 64 bit, PowerPC and MIPS), open systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and IRIX, this solution is relevant to promote a universal way of play Flash animations. Ports to other operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Darwin are in progress. Usable as an application individually, it also natively integrates as a graft in the Mozilla Suite / SeaMonkey Mozilla , Internet browser Mozilla Firefox and Epiphany , Opera and Konqueror . Since there are few alternatives free and always developed in Flash Player, GNU Gnash is considered a priority project by the Free Software Foundation.

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    Re: Plugins to load flash videos on Linux

    Gnash is a free player for Flash animations. Supported by the FSF, it aspires to run the swf animations coded in ActionScript 2, that is to say the 7-9 versions of Flash. For animations made in ActionScript 3, proposed since Flash 9 is side Lightspark , it will turn. The new version of Gnash has just been released. In version 0.8.8, Gnash offers improvements that will appeal to anyone who uses Gnash on a daily basis, including a video decoding with hardware acceleration and the ability to view all videos in Youtube.

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