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Thread: I am paying more money for speed but still getting low speed

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    I am paying more money for speed but still getting low speed

    I have broadband internet connection using from one year from beginning its working fine but before some days its giving me unsatisfied speed and interruption while I working on internet . I thought I need to upgrade my plan for more speed and for that I am paying more money for speed but still I am facing the same issue and I don’t know where is the exact problem . I have check speed from speed test and its showing low speed which is not as per my plan. If anybody having idea what to do for solve this issue and if there any tips for better internet speed then please let me know.

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    Re: I am paying more money for speed but still getting low speed

    There are different reasons for this issue, but you can follow some tips for increasing your download speed on internet.If you presently have a broadband connection, contact your Internet service provider and ask whether they recommend a faster internet connection. You can upgrade it with fiber optic cable connection; it’s the fastest way of internet connection.Improve the downloading application you use. For example, if you use a complimentary software or application with normal options, get the full version of that package.

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    Re: I am paying more money for speed but still getting low speed

    I think if you are upgrade your plan for speed and still not getting speed which you should get then there is problem with your internet service provider, you need to contact with them and then they can help you out . If you want to trouble shoot by yourself then you can reinstalled your operating system and also scan your whole hard disk with upgrades antivirus like Norton, MacAfee or Symantec. I can suggest you one program that is down load accelerator its boost your computers download ability and performance and also help to manage all your downloads.

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    Re: I am paying more money for speed but still getting low speed

    Some things are ignored by most of people while downloading that are:
    • We are opening many applications while opening so they are taking much space on your cache memory, don’t do like this, Close any working applications which you doesn’t use while downloading.
    • Customize your downloads as per priority. Download just those files which you really required and initiate other downloads. The additional files you download concurrently, the slower the speed of download.
    • Try to download a big file in different time in one day.
    • Before downloading keep your recycle been and temp files clean, for that you can also use Ccleaner software for deleting cookies and history of internet files.

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    Re: I am paying more money for speed but still getting low speed

    I think you need to Contact your Internet Service Provider and give detailed information about your Internet connection. The download and upload speeds provided by your ISP should be in kilobits or megabits per second. Ensure you speck down these figures.Check your Internet connection speed to make sure you're getting the speed that you're paying for. There are some websites offer online speed testing softwares.On these and similar websites, you just have to click the Start speed test option and the website will check your Internet downloads and upload speed.

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