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Thread: Dell Inspiron: How to activate Broadband WWAN 5520 connection

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    Dell Inspiron: How to activate Broadband WWAN 5520 connection

    I am a college student and for some of my projects I need an internet connection and without go for any temporary connectivity I purchase a broadband plan, and using this in my dell ispiron laptop, which is running with windows 7 platform. It works fine till the last night. But suddenly from today morning I encountered a problem that the internet connection I setting very slow. In general I reboot the modem and try to reconnect the connection. But the problem is, in the second attempt I show that the connection cannot be made because of, the connection is not made. Thought when I check to confirm about this, it shows the connection is properly made. Then why this problem occurs, canít understand. What should I do to resolve this issue? Any suggestion will be greatly help me.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron: How to activate Broadband WWAN 5520 connection

    As per my opinion I had the similar, where as I was also using the Dell mobile Broadband WWAN 5520 connection in my laptop. Though this was also works fine, but the problem was that, it breaks connection while I was accessing internet. So after that I research about this problem manually, and found that, this open not properly configured with the network. The port number that I was using is totally different from the original port number. So I suggest you to make sure that you are using the correct specification of your internet connection. This might be not configured properly. For that you need to re-configure the connection set up with the network or internet connection.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron: How to activate Broadband WWAN 5520 connection

    In your system make sure that the setting of network you are using is not disabled by the firewall service that you are using. Whether the service, either from the windows version which is installed in your machine or any other third party firewall protection software application. I recommend you to check whether the network port number for the network service that you mentioned in the network configuration windows, those are used with firewall, are supported. I had the similar issue and after a deep search I got this solution to these type of problem and this works. After applying the changes in the firewall service reboot the machine en to apply the changes.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron: How to activate Broadband WWAN 5520 connection

    This could be happened for the network modem driver which is installed in your machine, so as per my opinion I think this problem will be recovered with the update of driver that you are using in your machine. You simply locate that one from the device manager and select the driver and go for the update of that driver. Some times by using the earliest version of driver or the crashed driver, these problems may occur. So do this, I hope this will surely help you to resolve the issue.

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